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Sharing IP can only benefit an organisation and collaboration will see it expand in ways you never imagined

Sharing IP can only benefit an organisation and collaboration will see it expand in ways you never imagined

Last week was mammoth. I spent 4 days on a speaking tour of the Fraser Coast, promoting Marketing Eye's not-for-profit, The World Incubator, and innovation as a whole.

There are many lessons to learn when talking to crowds, and the first is to adapt to the crowd you are talking to. 

Talking to teenagers, required me to think on my toes, speak with conviction but at their level without losing their attention. I was able to do this because I engaged with the students and made them very much part of my presentation. 

Our topic was "INNOVATION". It's a hot topic especially in rural and regional communities right now that are struggling to long-term drought and lack of prospects for young kids leaving school.

I have made it my mandate to make a difference. It's been hard work, and taken up a lot more time than I envisaged, but very rewarding when you see the faces of those in the Incubator, or others that want to join at some time.

From one incubator/startup/innovation hub to another, it is rarely the case where IP is shared. But this is a not-for-profit and the purpose is not just about one town, but all of Australia and perhaps one day abroad.

Working collaboratively will build stronger, more relevant IP, and from our mistakes we will learn how to do things better and provide a better service to those in the Incubator.

We currently also have the experience of working out of the Atlanta Technology Hub, and that has been magnificent. It is nothing like The World Incubator. There is no-one checking on you daily and helping you write business plans, or giving you free marketing. Basically you get a desk, a cool environment in which to work and free drinks and food. People pay quite large sums of money for their seats, but you get the benefit of each other and that is the best part of all of this.

Additionally, from time to time there are guest speakers who are interesting.

Sharing IP is our give back. We have been criticised for doing so, but given the fact that we developed it and we are Australian and care not just about one region, but all regions, it just makes sense to not hold it all in and keep it for ourselves.

Afterall, isn't that what charity is all about?

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