How do you get your employees to be hungry for new clients?

How do you get your employees to be hungry for new clients?

Some people are satisfied with minimal sales and minimal income, and there is no motivational factors that will ever change that. All motivating them will do, is change their expectation of entitlement.

For some companies, they go through peaks and troughs of sales and when they are busy, they forget that lead generation needs to continue in order to grow the business. They get so caught up in everyday work that they are unable to see the forest from the trees or in this instance, the vision of the company.

There are many things that keep companies moving along and growing, and staff that are responsible for sales motivated:

  • Firstly, all staff are responsible for sales, especially in a flat organisational structure such as Marketing Eye.
  • Startups are notorious for long hours, bumps in the road and multi-tasking in all jobs - but when a business is established, this enthusiasm is hard to keep. It's a challenge for business leaders to work out the magic formula and sometimes it takes a few moves to get it right. Going to sales related conferences can be good, or can be fantastic recruitment tools for other companies.
  • Like founders, early staff members are hungry for a challenge and eager to learn, grow, gain knowledge and financial rewards. Employees coming in after the fact, don't tend to be the same. How do you make them hungry? Often it takes a psychologist to find out what motivates them, or psyche profiling to see if they are in fact able to be motivated or just going from one job to another.
  • It's important to reiterate your vision. Why does your business exist? Ours exists so that we can help small to medium sized businesses grow exponentially through intelligent, creative, and targeted marketing strategies aligned to their business goals. If they grow, we grow.
  • Celebrate wins when you get them, but be aware that if a win only comes once a year, you still have to run a business.

Having processes, systems and ways in which you do business is imperative to growing a business long-term. People knowing what their jobs are and how they need to do it in order to be successful is essential. If everything is in writing, then there is a lot of opportunity to reach for the stars and to collaborate and watch your company grow through hard work and determination.

Keeping sales people motivated is a lot to do with the product that they sell, the company that they work for and what their own ambitions are.

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  • Dara Lin
    Dara Lin
    09 Jan 2017

    It takes a long process to keep companies moving and growing. Knowing your job and responsibility as you commit to that work is really what matter the most to keep you motivated, strive and continue to find opportunity on how can you cope up your work everyday even when you are so busy. You should always practice multitasking if you really eager to learn, grow your knowledge and hungry to have new clients without finding it hard.

  • Alexis Gil
    Alexis Gil
    08 Dec 2016

    Motivation is a strong power. It's true. It's not always easy to find what is motivate
    each separate individual. Sometimes you need to be a psychologist to understand this. Thanks posting!