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10 Reasons Busy People Are Successful

10 Reasons Busy People Are Successful

I have never been more busy in my life. I remember 2 years ago feeling completely overwhelmed by having so much on my plate, and feeling as though I was floundering.

I kept on taking on more 'stuff' and it wasn't a case of not being able to say no. I simply wanted to do all the things I was doing and they were important to me. I hired two personal assistants and that worked wonders, except I decided that they were too good to be personal assistants and moved them promptly into other roles.

My day is always full and there really isn't a moment to spare. I use to binge watch a television show Entourage, and recently met someone who worked for the real Ari. What was most interesting is that he said that the real Ari is very similar to the character that is portrayed on the television series. He has three personal assistants and while he is running on his running machine in his office, he is giving all three tasks to do, while at the same time talking on the phone. 

Surely that must be heart attack material - but it got me thinking. How busy is my life.

Just a snapshot:

  • I own and run an international marketing firm that is on a high growth business plan
  • I am active in promoting causes that are dear to my heart like the #defendourfarms campaign to ensure that Government do not execute forced acquisition of prime agricultural land from farmers for the use of Singaporean Troops to train on.
  • I am active in supporting a few politicans who I believe have a good heart and the right philosophies, but need a little help with communications
  • I am owner-builder on a new home being built in Toorak in Melbourne. That means I have a huge job on my hands and for most this in itself is a fulltime job. I have picked every single part of this house myself - in my free time!
  • I have a disruptive technology that has finished beta testing, which I designed, and wrote the manual for the program. It is huge so I cannot begin to tell you how large this project is and will continue to be. I am also going to raise capital for this company after first implementation is completed.
  • I designed and developed an APP for clients, staff, interns and licensees for Marketing Eye brand. It is incredible and a complete game-changer. This takes up a lot of work particularly now filling in the gaps before official release.
  • I'm involved in developing robots to replace marketers. I am currently writing the manual for the tech guys to work from. This is every bit of marketing knowledge I have acquired in 25 years - all in one, and in writing.
  • I am working with virtual reality concepts for my industry and that of professional services. This is fun, fun, fun... but sometimes gets put to the backburner.
  • I have a very small fashion label for travelling being developed and made, which is my passion given the years I have been travelling and the fact that its hard to pack clothes that you can mix and match
  • I have a not-for-profit charity which I Chair as well as mentor people in the incubator and fund. 
  • I am releasing one product as a fundraiser for the not-for-profit, and once again, I have done this too working with internal resources.
  • My book is sitting finished, but I am waiting for one of my designers to have time to design, and of course, feeling relaxed enough for yet another photoshoot.

I literally am doing these things every day. I kid you not. I am for the moment without a personal assistant, but I do have an internal Accountant that makes my life easy. I fly interstate or overseas weekly. My life is full.

What I miss most is:
  • Family time
  • Hanging with friends - I am often too tired when I have finished work at the end of the day
  • Playing golf
  • Reading stuff that doesn't relate to legal documents or work
  • Having a clear head where I can come up with my next big idea

I know that you must finish everything you start. I cannot take on new projects until the above is completed this year. Everything should be finished this year, so that is particularly amazing if I can pull this off.

Things that set me apart from others:

  • I never complain, but others often complain to me that they never see me or make judgement on how I run my life
  • I am super organised in every aspect of my life with no detail left to chance
  • When I travel, I travel hassle free if there is any such thing. My office makes sure that no detail is forgotten and it really is smooth sailing
  • I still do three conferences a year to re-charge my brain and see what else is happening out there
  • I holiday for up to 3 months a year, although last year was just 7 weeks. It allows me to recharge and not get sick or have a breakdown
  • I have learned to manage stress much better than I use to. I put in mechanisms more than 2 years ago to ensure that stress in life and work never gets the better of me
  • I eat healthy and never drink too much
  • I don't eat on planes and only drink herbal tea or water when travelling
  • I have no time for gossip and actually lose friends when I tell them that I have no interest in hearing stories about others
  • I am passionate about a cause and believe wholeheartedly in kindness. I always give people the benefit of the doubt.
  • I am braver than I think, and I take way more risks than I give myself credit for
  • I know that you "never sell the farm" - I learned that from Jack Cowin and it stays with me always
  • I don't have burdens of hate or dislike, as that would be far too much to carry. Instead I forgive every person, but I won't let negative people into my life. I am always polite, but you will never find me engaging with people that don't deserve my attention.
  • I'm an ideas person and I thank god that I was blessed with this ability. It makes my life interesting and exciting.
  • I check my emails only once every 2 hours, and never after 5pm or on weekends.

If you can imagine that the average American spends 1 hour on Facebook per day and 5 hours watching television every day - and I don't do any of these things. Occasionally if I am waiting for someone or an appointment outside my office, I may check Facebook, but I don't live on it and I don't allow messages to pop up.

Being efficient, organised, and living with purpose can be a game changer. It certainly is mine.

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comments ( 3 )
  • Rinaldo
    31 May 2019

    The fact that you're constantly busy doesn't allow you to feel lazy as you're always on the go! Being the owner of the business, I can see that you're doing a great job in motivating the people around you, especially those that you are mentoring.

  • Tam Nguyen
    Tam Nguyen
    12 Mar 2017

    Wow, Ms Mellissa Smith really does sound busy, but her achievements are astonishing!
    I wonder if she ever feels a burnout since I feel that having a healthy work life balance is important. Despite this, I do feel like she's a great role model, not because of her accomplishments, but her goal driven attitude and her ability look far into the future and endlessly work toward the dream. I hope in the future she writes a blog about being focus and motivated, because I seem to be easily distracted and procrastinate a lot.

  • Eman Malik
    Eman Malik
    16 Feb 2017

    I found this blog very interesting as it gives a positive spin on being busy and how it may not be such bad thing. From the people that I talk to, i find that being very busy isn't always taken as a good thing, and i feel that is how a lot of people look at it. What stood for me is being able to put others views etc aside and focus on themselves. To really have an understanding of yourself.