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When you turn your business upside down, crazy things happen

When you turn your business upside down, crazy things happen

Less hustle, more bustle. That's what I say. I know most entrepreneurs talk about how they hustle their way to success. I can safely say, I have not. In fact, I dream of being a hustler, but fall dissimile short of this in every way possible because I am one of those people who can tell you what I do if you ask, but won't broadcast due to the fact that I am actually shy.

Give me a few glasses of vino and that shyness goes away, but I am definitely short in hustling skills and I sometimes have this pang of envy at those who have mastered this, and own it.

I watch with admiration those who have their 'hustle on' and engage their audience in a way that has them eating out of their palm. 

Somehow though, I did become somewhat successful in my career but I did a different way. I just got on with the job. People trusted me because I had runs on the board before I started my own business at 25 years old, and that faith led to one client after another.

I have been incredibly fortunate that many more successful people have tried to get me into their businesses only to find that their gatekeepers are either 'terrified' of a marketing audit which may show their shortfalls, or have a marketing partner that has been with them for a long time and they didn't want change.

Other times, we have found confident marketers on their teams who want to reach for the stars and are happy to have an extra 'set of Marketing Eye's' in their business. They flourish on learning and development and are eager to capitalise on new ways in which they can market their business and increase market share.

These same principals are one's which I try to use in my own business. I am an avid spectator in the office and I like to watch how things roll out, only interfering if it is absolutely necessary. 

Our business has gone through a positive shakeup. We are growing exponentially and at the same time, we have provided a better infrastructure to do so. We are encouraging collaboration like never before and we have leaders within the team, even though we have a flat organisational structure.

When you have disrupted your own business, like we have, everything changes. New technologies come into play and sometimes people are not ready for it. I know when email came around many years ago, I was a slow adopter. I hated it, and now I could not imagine life without it. When a 70 year old man tells you about this new thing called email that you should use and you think they are crazy, and go back to faxing - you know that there is a problem. Well, that was me. I actually did that!

But it's 2017 and almost 2018. Marketing isn't what it was at the start of the year. In fact, it is poles apart. Staying in the game and ahead of the pack requires everyone to be prepared to be uncomfortable, contribute in ways they didn't before and share their knowledge.

It's exciting. It's what gives us adrenelin and keeps us interested in the game. Mostly, it gives our team and our clients a chance to talk and express their ideas and wildest, most craz, imaginative expressions of what they believe marketing to be in the future and how we can get closer to that at a faster rate.

Join the ride. Email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.and let's keep each other posted on where we believe marketing will improve and what role each of us have to play.

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