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Out with the old, in with the new

Out with the old, in with the new

build-it-and-they-will-come-smallIt takes a brave person, to throw something away and replace it with something new. Look at your cupboards at home. When was the last time you threw out your favourite jumper, even though it has holes in it?

Sometimes a website can be a bit like that. You get used to seeing it. It brings you in a number of inquiries. Search engine optimisation looks pretty good compared to most of your competitors. So, what makes you throw it all away?

Quite often we go and meet new clients and take one look at their websites and scream. Well, not scream on the outside, but more on inside. They often are poorly branded, confusing, hard to navigate, not search engine optimised and look like they have been completed in the 90's with zero updates.

For us, its the first port of call. It's where we have to get in and make the relevant changes to bring their brand alive online, drive customer inquiry and ensure that there is consistent messaging on the website to what people will receive when they use the product or service.

Marketing your brand online is paramount. No company can ignore this medium. It's not like advertising, where there are many other ways to brand a company or to drive lead generation. People 'google it' for absolutely everything. From meeting someone in a bar, to finding a new vacuum cleaner or working out where their next meeting is located.

Have a look at your website. Does it say what your brand needs to say? Are you getting the inquiries that you should be receiving from it? Is your brand ALIVE online? Is it easy to navigate? Does your unique selling proposition come across loud and clear? Is there a call to action on every page? An investment in a website refresh can be as little as a couple of thousand dollars. This small investment can give you big returns. I am talking BIG returns.

Marketing Eye has finally launched a new website. It is still along the same branding guidelines, but is easy to navigate, has e-commerce capabilities, a blog that is not hosted by someone else, and has more products and services than ever before.

Our old site was popular and the blog had a fantastic following, but the reality is we were only getting a dozen inquiries a week, compared to our previous situation whereby we were getting up to 50 inquiries a week. Our conversion rates are very good, and we pick and choose our clients, according to a criteria that centralises around high growth.

Have a look at a new feature on the Marketing Eye website. Check this out!

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comments ( 4 )
  • Blanca
    17 May 2011

    The website is such an important component of brand identity these days! When a company is progressing the website should keep changing and evolving as well. However, the changes should occur within a certain framework, so that the image of the brand stays consistent.

  • Elise
    11 May 2011

    They say, 'Why fix it if it aint broken?'
    But I totally agree with you.. sometimes its better to fix it when it isn't broken.. to avoid it ever breaking!!

    Websites are pivotal to a companies' success, to create awareness stimulate sales ect.. and like what you said about Marketing Eye it is without a doubt the first port of call.. all businesses must constantly update their websites, blogs ect to keep up with the changing times!

  • Carla
    03 May 2011

    It's so true! I have to say that I agree with your comment. Personally, I have also come across with some terrible and boring websites of companies which have made me to lose an immediate interest in continuing searching and I move on to other websites.

    I had a look at your website. Its engaging, informative and has an excellent structure that made it easy for me, as viewer to search and spend time on it.

    I think that an attractive and an updated website creates an essential relationship with clients. When I also view some websites that are old or not updated, it shows me that the company has no interest in their clients, I mean where is the customer relation?. Instead, an updated websites shows me the company cares in interacting with their clients and it also educate customer about your their business.

    Sometime its important to think what customers would look and think of yourself.

  • François
    03 May 2011

    You're so true but sometimes it's hard to admit that what you took so long to create is no longer relevant and sometimes even obsolete...