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Small Business gets another kick in the shins

Small Business gets another kick in the shins

kick-in-shinsJust when small business thought they were getting back on track, the Reserve Bank issues another rate rise.

First we have to pay more to employ people because we can’t rely on our brands as being a big enough lure, then we have to pay superannuation, too many public holidays and deal with an uncertain economic environment – then they throw a rate hike into the mix and kboom!!!

If you are a small business and were slow to crank up your marketing budget this year because you weren’t so sure what the economy was going to do – then this is going to make you think twice – once again.

Whilst we all know that when the economy is tight, we should out-brand, out-market and out-perform our competitors to take market share, the reality is many small business have to survive and sometimes it hard just to pay wages.

Government invests heavily in supposedly helping small businesses to grow and end up just wasting tax payers money on a whole heap of public servants who have no bloody idea about running a small business or what a small business actually needs. What next? How are you going to help them now? Tax breaks? No interest on late payments of GST? I don’t think so.

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