Marketing to the new wave of Gen Z

Marketing to the new Gen Z

When a new generation comes about, marketers are faced with a constant challenge of reaching, engaging and connecting with this audience. It estimated in 2020 generation Z will accommodate for 40% of total consumers, becoming one of the most powerful consumer force in the market. Now that’s one scary thought! 


The infamous, tech natives who were born in the early '90s till now and are ones who witnessed the greatest technological evolution and development of mankind. This generation is merely an adaption of technology, as it is so closely embedded in their DNA. They know this technology like the back of their hand, it’s a walk in the park for any tech gen. 

Authenticity is their middle name

They may be the first generation to ever be born into this digital evolution, not knowing life without a smartphone in their hand or a laptop on their desk. There isn't much Gen Z doesn't already know about the constant evolution of technology and businesses increasing access to data. This being said, Gen Z expects a highly personalised interaction and experience with brands. Authenticity is key if you want to build the trust and relationship with your Gen Z audience.

Valuing the opinions of people, they know (and follow)  

Gen Z’s social media feed mainly consists of a wide selection and extremely diverse range of influencers, more influencers than friends these days. There is a level of substantial trust with these influencers due to their large following, and their ability to create a connection that seems highly realistic and personal in the eyes of the audience. They may not take the advice or credited opinions of their parents though they will happily receive and take on board the information and opinions of the people they know and follow. 

Its all about the mobile 

Businesses and marketers need to adapt their services and content that work effectively and simultaneously with mobile phones, in other words, everything must be mobile friendly. Gen Z doesn't just love their phone, they would take a bullet for it. Showing just how important the easy access to content from businesses really is. 

The key is to not to leave Gen Z out of your marketers but instead market with them, involve them in the process, enable them to decide what they want. Marketing is able to change significantly in the next couple of years with the increased introduction of AI and a new wave of generations being introduced. 

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comments ( 2 )
  • Rinaldo
    31 May 2019

    Gen Z really is the future for today's marketing organisations with how tech savvy they are. The ideas and influence they can provide to any given company is highly valuable in today's industries.

  • Andrew
    07 Jan 2019

    With the current generation being a major influence in today's world. Marketing with them seems to be the best bet. Why go against the tide when you have an easier time going with it.