Balancing privacy and personalisation in Marketing

Balancing privacy and personalisation in Marketing

As a society and individual's, we feel ever so inclined to express and share our own personalised content with the world. There is a cloud of pressure to display such intimate details to the encapsulating world of social media and its digital spaces. We have built and created a culture where we live to document our every move and moment rather than just living them, in their present form.

Though there must come a point where we can distinguish a balance between both privacy and our ability to express personalised content with the world. I find as a marketer determining that balance is the evident challenge we, are all beginning to face both ourselves and within business.

Changing customer experiences

Personalisation can completely transform and change a companies marketing game. Consumers standard of perceived experiences and expectations are constantly changing and being altered, one of the highlighted factors of this is due to our expression of personalised content. Personalisation creates a sense of uniqueness and edge for businesses that they otherwise did not hold prior.

A level of trust 

Enable your consumers to develop a close relationship and sense of connection with your business though privacy is an underlying factor that enhances the foundation for any successful relationship. Customer trust is no longer being taken for granted, and its simultaneously linked to the success or failure of one's brand. Just like they say, everything healthy comes in moderation.

The data side 

Most people think of data and their eyes glaze over, but it is fast becoming one of the quintessentialelements and tools for greater insight, knowledge and further growth for companies. The data extracted by your targeted audience can be referred to as every marketer's gold mine. This data can assist in providing personalised messages and content that is relevant and engaging for your market. 

Balancing a sophisticated level of personalisation and maintaining appropriate privacy and trust in your customer and stakeholders, is and will be a current challenge for every business in this day and age. 

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  • PaulineEvrard
    29 Jan 2019

    What a challenge! pretty impossible!