It’s a world full of Influencers

It’s a world full of Influencers

Who would have thought a decade or two ago that thousands of people would be making millions and even billions of dollars from posting flawless pictures that promote and enhance brands on their own personal social media accounts? It has significantly sculpted the way in which we conduct and involve our consumers in business. It makes me wonder whether this will be an increasing successful marketing platform that will see skyrocket into more success and opportunities for brands in the future or is time running out for digital influencers? 


The rise of the influencer 

Influencers have become the entrepreneurs of today and are being referred to as the new celebrities of the next generation. Most influencers started their platforms through a strong passion and drive to express their knowledge to the greater society, with many not having an understanding of how to conduct ‘Marketing’ and or ‘business’.

Though rather a developed knowledge of what an everyday consumer wants to see and hear from a brand. Influencers have developed this amazing ability to promote and sell a brand that leaves their audience with a strong emotional connection that portrays a sense of both personalisation and customisation. Something that brands have begun struggling to implement and perfect for many years. 

Brand success of the rise of technology

Businesses have recognised their potential to further their brands greater success, now dedicating a large percentage of their marketing budget to social media and influencer marketing. Now that's saying something! With the rise of technology and the digital world, individuals are testing their creative minds and their self-taught marketing skills to grow and expand not only their own ‘image’ and ‘brand’ but the brand of other businesses. 

The reality of influencer marketing is a constantly evolving and growing brand enhancing machine, that drives your message to your targeted market. Influencer Marketing is definitely a new phenomenon or trend and Marketing Eye is left wondering how long the trend will last. As consumers lose faith in big business and tune out most advertising influencer marketing is becoming more and more popular with peers relating to other like-minded individuals who are relatable. Influencers also create their own branding and product lines. It's a powerful way for people with similar interest to relate and discuss their likes, dislikes, and products that they are using at the moment.

The future of influencer marketing in an interesting one and it will definitely be an area to watch in the future! 

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  • PaulineEvrard
    29 Jan 2019

    Very interesting and so true!