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It's not about how much a website costs - it's how well it works for your company

It's not about how much a website costs - it's how well it works for your company

What pb Human Capital said about Marketing Eye's development of their company website:

"We first heard about Marketing Eye some years ago, and were consistently impressed by the quality of Mellissah's blogs, her marketing & design ideas and forever upbeat attitude. When we wanted a new and updated website, we made sure we spoke to her. To be honest though, we still did our due diligence and met with three firms before making our decision.

Mellissah is exactly the same in person as her social persona. She's great! She blew us away with her ideas for our website which fit neatly into our social networking strategy, our ideal brand image, and the look and feel of the company as we really are. When you couple that with the price (which was amazing, but not our only criterion), we simply had to use Marketing Eye.

The process was seamless, we had an incredibly fast turnaround, and the result was everything we'd hoped for. We're stunned. The website is excellent. It's exactly what we had conceptualised. I would absolutely recommend Marketing Eye to any business - small or large - that needed an expert look at their design and marketing strategy."

Investing in refreshing your website is a big decision. There are so many factors to take into consideration. In June and July of each year, many companies take time out of their normal business activities to look at how their brand and unique selling proposition is being communicated to their stakeholders, clients and employees.

Often, we leave our website's to the way-side, but at what cost?

The world wide web or more particularly, google, is the door to new business opportunities, cementing your company's position in the market, establishing business connections and assisting people of influence to understand your business and what you are about.

pb Human Capital came to Marketing Eye with an understanding that they needed to change their current website to better reflect their business. They are not just your normal human capital business or recruiter, but an innovative, fresh thinking human capital business that gives you more than another other similar style business in their fields. They are flexible, understand the market and have impeccable ethics.

From start to finish, this website was developed in 2 weeks. Our client, pb Human Capital was engaged in the process and gave immediate feedback through the entire process. They knew what they wanted and selected 3 websites that they thought were particularly good as a gauge for our designers.

I said, "we can do better!"

And that we did. This website blows the websites that Brendon Booth and Warwick Peel pointed us towards 'out of the water'.

It's everything they wanted it to be and more. Better than that, it is cost effective and comes with a content management system and blog. It is of course, search engine optimised and ready to communicate with their target audience.

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  • اشهار المواقع
    اشهار المواقع
    10 Sep 2013

    Beautifull thanks for sharing.I was searching for that. Its cool really.