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How to build a high value Instagram following

How to build a high value Instagram following

Anyone can buy followers and likes on Instagram, but what does that achieve? The numbers don’t mean a thing for sales when they have come from robots who don’t need their product and don’t even have credit cards! (ha..ha…)

In working with an e-commerce client, producing high-quality content that users enjoy seeing will entice them to ‘double tap.’ However, showing them high-quality content that they aspire to emulate will entice them to click BUY. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs dictates that once a consumer has met its physical, safety and love needs, it works on its self-esteem. This is why influencer marketing is so successful when done correctly as consumers are making aspirational purchases with the desire to mirror the image of their desired thought leader.

We recently worked with some Instagram micro-influencers who proved that it’s about real, relevant and engaged followers not an astronomical number on your profile.

Here are my top tips for increasing your high-value followers that will convert to sales:

Partner with relevant influencers
This starts with knowing your target audience and knowing them WELL. No matter what kind of business you are marketing, this is fundamental for efficient social media communication. We are in the process of relaunching a brand of luxury/high quality/left of centre dog treats and have profiled our target market thoroughly. So, while they are dog owners who love their pooches very much, they are unlikely to be following Insta-famous dogs and more likely to be following artists, homewares stores and local grocers. These will be the profiles we target for partnerships.

Analyse your influencer options
Remember the aforementioned purchased followers and likes. There is no point sending an $80 product that cost you $37.50 to produce and $10 to package and post to someone with a fake, irrelevant or unengaged following. Using a tool like Klear’s free Instagram analytics will help ensure you’re not wasting valuable product and budget on a fake influencer. Pro tip: If you’re genuinely friendly and build good relationships with your influencers, they are more likely to promote your products more times than agreed!

Ensure your profile is on brand when viewed as a whole
First impressions count! Too often companies focus on each individual post and not on the way their profile looks when a consumer clicks through to it from another source. A user will instantly decide if they want to click into your individual posts and hopefully follow by what they see when they first arrive. We recently wrote about taking a lifestyle strategy to your social media and here is a great opportunity to creatively communicate that while decreasing your profile’s bounce rate.  

Since implementing the pictured strategy only very recently, @rubyfitactive have consistently gained clicks to their website and sales every day, even when Instagram isn’t our main focus for sales driving. There is no point in spending budget on influencer marketing if you’re introducing consumers to a profile that they leave in seconds.

There is no hard and fast way to build a real following, it takes time, effort and a good attitude!

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