When it comes to social media marketing, you need to consider one key word ‘valuable’. Ask yourself, what value does your social content provide your followers? Social media has become a huge part of our lives, so how does your content fit in with your followers’ lifestyle?
A lifestyle strategy approach to social media

Take a moment to open your personal Facebook account and really think about what it is companies are posting about and advertising.

Content marketing is becoming less about the words you put on a page and more about the experiences you create for your followers. With social media marketing becoming a daily influence in both personal and professional lives, your content strategy is key.

So what should your social media strategy incorporate? To create this ‘lifestyle’ approach that connects with your followers on the next level, think about incorporating a mix of the following: 

Service/Product offerings:
Although this is probably the one thing every company does on social media, try to share your service offerings in different ways – think about key messages and how you’re portraying them.
Note: Trying to straight out hard sell to your followers consistently will result in lower engagement levels and a higher unfollowed rate.

Blogging is something we encourage all our clients to get involved with. It’s a great form of content marketing and once pushed through to social media accounts, it helps enormously with generating traffic to your website and gives your followers that little bit extra content!

Industry News:
With a dramatic rise in people looking to social media for the latest news and happenings, forward thinking companies are taking to social media to share news relevant to their following. If you’re in professional services, be sure to share news on what’s happening and how it may affect your followers. 
Note: Be sure to check a website’s credibility and read articles carefully to ensure you’re not sharing ‘fake news’ in order not to hurt your own business’s reputation and positioning.

Interesting related articles:
Who doesn’t love a good read? Mix it up, if it’s on brand/relevant to your business offerings, chances are your audience will engage. Think, “10 benefits for... 5 ways how... did you know...”  

Throw in a promotion/competition – show your followers you appreciate their attention and commitment to your brand by giving back. “For the month of May receive 20% off… Like and Share for your chance to win this...”

Behind the Scenes:
Show a bit of company personality! If you’re in retail, fashion or hospitality, get on Snapchat and connect with your audience in a more personal way by snapping that photo shoot, or new menu.  

Customer Experiences: 
Every now and then share a customer’s experience, give your brand that reality aspect – millennial’s these day’s love nothing more than checking out reviews to see whether your product or service is for them!

Motivating, inspiring, humorous, informative, educational – every one loves a good quote they can relate too.
Note: Quotes are re-shared and liked like crazy, so it’s a good start to engage your audience!  

Visuals are key – ask any marketing expert how important the visual aspect of any communication is! Be creative, yet strategic and ensure all your images are in line with your brand.
Note: Infographics are also great! Easy to understand and visually appealing.

Remember, authentic content is key! Mix up your social media now and play the game strategically.

If you need help with your social media marketing, Marketing Eye has some of the sharpest young social media experts experienced across multiple industries. Contact Us today!
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