The greatest marketer of the 21st Century; Beyonce

The greatest marketer of the 21st Century; Beyonce

Yes, I know what you're thinking! How can Beyoncé and marketing possibly be related and at all connected? But if we look really closely at both Beyonce and Marketing, we discover that they are so interconnected it isn’t funny.

There’s something about Beyoncé that just leaves people hanging for more and more. Over the last decade, the global superstar has morphed herself as a musician and actress into a billion-dollar worldwide brand that is recognisable by millions. It’s leaving us scratching our heads, as to what is she doing that so many businesses are not?

One post stops a nation 

In the last couple of years, Beyoncé has dropped some of the greatest marketing bombshells; from her joint album with her ride or die husband, Jay-z,  that sparked a worldwide meltdown on social media to the surprise posting of her pregnancy on Instagram that reached a record number of 11 million likes and her name trending on every possible social media platform. Her ability to display such a level of creation of spontaneity through mesmorising content, shows what both the power of a platform and how building a relationship with your consumers and making them feel connected on a personal level has the potential to reap huge benefits. 

A woman’s excellence  

Beyoncé has proven time and time again that it’s better off to be a leader than a follower. In marketing, especially now in our saturated and overpopulated digital and technological world, we are constantly searching for the ways to diversify and lead the competitive field that surrounds us. Always searching for the next best thing, that will see us one step ahead of our rival competitor. Beyoncé (and her team) are continually reassessing their landscape and taking stabs at never before seen and or done content. Showing us Marketers that sometimes the wildest, out of this world ideas can differentiate you from being apart of the pack of sheep. 

Consistency: The Queen’s gift 

Some say she’s the next Michael Jackson. If you look closely at the content created and released by Beyonce you would come to the conclusion that she probably never has a day off in the year. There is always a strong level of consistency of her brand across all her platforms; from Facebook, Instagram, the website to EDM’s. This has left her audience and die-hard fans to expect nothing but excellence.  

Beyoncé may not be a credited marketer, but she’s re-writing the rules of what it means to be a ‘marketer’ in our world today. Marketing Eye loves a world stopping, innovative, adventure seeking, a strong female entrepreneur that we can all agree is bloody brilliant! 

Want to get your brand to the heights of Beyoncé? Marketing Eye will take you there!  

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comments ( 6 )
  • PaulineEvrard
    29 Jan 2019

    Beyonce! Such a personality! She is amazing!

  • Andrew
    07 Jan 2019

    In a way this could be seen as a very effective method of marketing, Beyonce does a good job attracting and retaining her fan base just like how Marketers are expected to pull in the consumer base.

  • yuri
    17 Dec 2018

    She is amazing! EXCELLENT!

  • Hellen
    13 Dec 2018

    Beyonce as a brand is phenomenal! She is an inspiration and role model to many, and really knows how to market.

  • Eleonore
    11 Dec 2018

    What a fantastic post! It surely opens my eyes and gives me a different perspective on Beyonce and the world of marketing. She is definitely a woman to look up to and shows the world how to be independent, strong, and successful at work as well as in life.
    Great Job on this post!

  • Phil Ye
    Phil Ye
    11 Dec 2018

    Great blog. I've always thought that it is marketing that makes pop stars popular. Marketing a celebrity is even more interesting than marketing a product,