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Everybody dies, but not everybody truly lives

There comes a turning point in life where you ask yourself: "Is this the best way to spend my life?"

If the answer to this question is "I don't know" or "I don't think so" then it's time to make a few changes.

Everybody dies, but not everybody truly lives is a statement that many of us should have posted everywhere around our offices and homes. Working is not living. While we may get a thrill out of the next deal or feel accomplished by achieving something we set out to achieve, it's not what defines us. It's not what is going to ultimately make us happy.

Living an average life for many of us is not an option. It's certainly not one for me. Every day I want to experience things I have never experienced before. I want to have challenges as much as I have successes, and more than anything I would like people to cross my path that I learn from in some way.

I'm far from perfect. I have been that person who wakes up early only to get to the office as fast as humanly possible, then work as hard as possible all through the daily, barely stopping for any breaks and in fact waiting until the last minute to go to the rest room because I have just one more call to make, then leaving only when my dog has barked as she needs to do her business. So, I take her to the park, go home, shower, eat, read for an hour and go to sleep. I wake up again at 4am and start the cycle all over again.


Don't get me wrong, I go on holidays and that is the only thing I do well. I don't read emails, check messages or do anything other than be present and in the moment. I trained myself to do this and it is my biggest savour. It is the only reason I stay sane.


If you get to your last half of your life and you are still living life like this, then things must change. You need to evolve, grow, develop, experience, explore and put yourself out of your comfort zone. If work is your hobby, find a new one. 


Yes, we don't choose our family, but there is something really amazing about spending time with family. If you get rid of the noise (nagging), and just sit in silence, you will realise that there is something really amazing about the soulfullness of family.

I know when I go up to my families property, everything else dissepates. It becomes irrelevant and while it takes a few days for me to relax, I soon realize just how different it feels to be with family. No pretense. No watching your P's and Q's, and no having to explain. Instead there is a love that no-one can define, and a relevance to your position within your family.

My Dad's side of the family is incredibly special. They are like visiting another country. They come from Croatia, and we eat traditional croatian meals, and like any big Croatian family, we all sit around and eat, eat, eat. I walk away a few pounds heavier but always feeling loved and like I have a safe place to go when I need time out.

We all have dreams, but if one of them is to be rich... dig a little deeper. What is rich? What does that mean? Is it going to make you happier? Do you know rich people that are truly happy? Will it define you? Will it make you a better person?

We all get busy doing the things we do, but what defines us is how we choose to live our life, and not what anyone else things of it. We might be remembered for various things, but what is most important, is what we have contributed directly to our own lives and that of others. 

A few things that I live by when I realise that I have been spending too much time in the office:

  • I am more beautiful than an Instagram post
  • I have more to contribute than a once off conversation or a public speech
  • No amount of money will make me a good person
  • There are more people in your life out for themselves, so don't feed that beast
  • Kindness is paramount and doesn't cost a cent
  • Mean spirited people or people who hold grudges are really unhappy with the person they see in the mirror
  • If you harm someone, hurt someone, or are so self-serving that you have forgotten that other people exist - you are not nice
  • If you don't know how to truly apologize, learn it and mean it
  • Work is play and its a game that should not hurt people, or create disadvantage to others
  • If you have a good business, your business will thrive on the fact that you help others achieve their goals 
  • Being honourable, trustworthy and living your values, allows you to look in the mirror and like who you are
  • If you want to change how you look - ask yourself why? Why are you not good enough? Why don't you like who you see in the mirror?
  • Travel anywhere and everywhere. Go camping, swim in the ocean, volunteer in an orphanage. 

We only have one life and it could be gone tomorrow - make the most of it.

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  • Marion
    23 Oct 2017

    "Everybody dies, but not everybody truly lives" I think that every person has his definition of living. Some people loves the life they live by working, by caring for their family and animals or by doing totally nothing. Everything is a question of state of mind.

  • Chelsea Shiu
    Chelsea Shiu
    23 Oct 2017

    I really enjoyed reading this blog, it makes you realize that not everything or everyone will be here forever and that we have to appreciate these moments and live more.

  • selma
    13 Oct 2017

    this is really inspiring and motivates me to keep working hard towards my professional goals, while at the same time not abandoning my hobbies, dreams and personal goals, and to appreciate the people and things i usually take for granted.


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