Sometimes you have to be single to be successful

I've had the month from hell - in a good way. Each morning I wake at 4am and I do social media for a client for the first hour, then connect with the US for the next hour - all before hopping in the shower.

My time is sparse, so that means a 20 minute shower is the only luxury in my day. My make-up takes 5 minutes, hair another 5, and picking my clothes for the day - is a few tick tocks of the clock. I then make my bed and literally wake up the dog, take her for a quick walk, grab a coffee and am in the office before 7am.

The minute I walk in the office, I check my emails which takes the next few hours. Usually I write a blog, but of late, there has been no time. A short interception at 8am with an internal meeting with our Accountant, is followed by more emails. At 9am, I open my office door so employees can ask questions or run things by me if they like, otherwise I walk the floor saying hi to everyone and asking if there is anything they need.

The rest of the day is a combination of meetings, emails, speaking engagements, consultancy, mentoring and so on.

On top of that, I am building a house - so you can just imagine what that entails.

All of which leads me to realise that 'Sometimes being single makes you more successful'. I don't have a minute to spare before I lay my head down to sleep at night and my routine runs 7 days per week. This cannot last forever, but right now it is setting me up for more success in my career and I don't feel as though it would be possible to achieve the same amount of success that is within my grasp had I a full-time partner who lived in the same country as myself.

Furthermore, as a semi-single entrepreneur I find;

  • I can accept any invitation and that often means expanding my network, thus giving me more connections for business ventures that I participate in
  • I don't spend time worrying about how I look because there is no-one judging me, or no self reflection whereby I feel I have to be 'dolled' up
  • My time, is my time and if I want to spend it working 24/7 the last thing I want is for someone to be nagging me about how much I work and providing additional pressure
  • When the pressure cookers on - the last thing I need to be doing is being considerate to another human being, so going home and having baked beans out of a tin may be at times all I can muster before falling in a heap on my bed, sprawled out like a starfish
  • There's no making coffee for someone else, no picking up after another and no having to be somewhere where I don't want to be
  • Staying up all night to write a marketing strategy even though it may not be due for weeks - just because... becomes a choice
  • I can hop on my cell phone whenever I want, read as many books about the same topic without someone saying "that I need a life", and fall asleep at 7pm due to exhaustion without another person giving me grief.

Being an entrepreneur is incredibly exciting and I love every opportunity that comes my way. I am focused beyond what many would consider humanly possible and fit more into my day than most. But I am a realist and for me, having someone full-time in my life would hinder what is possible on the career front. Just sayin'.

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  • Melanie Stonis
    Melanie Stonis
    28 Dec 2017

    True words! Full time jobs for the serious entrepreneurs call for minds over matters and a supportive network of friends first. I think a relationship can come after you have settled down and made some profound achievements by yourself prior to getting into the dating world.

    I'm sure that when you find the right partner they won't be as burdensome as you put them out to be!


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