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Why it is not acceptable for females to brag?

Why it is not acceptable for females to brag?

As girls, we are told to be so many things when we are young. We are told to act a certain way, dress a certain way and only say certain things. From this influence of ‘what is right and wrong’ we as women are molded into a shape of pure societal standards and beliefs.

In the business world, women and their leadership, knowledge, and power are only just being recognised for their greatness. With the #metoo movement taking place in the last couple of years it has added depth to this very topical historical change.

But, something hasn’t changed as of yet in the business world, and that is the ability for women to brag. Yes, I know what you’re probably thinking. What are you talking about? Well if we think back to when we were children, we were always taught not brag. To keep your achievements, goals, and successes on the down low, to be modest. But, I think screw that. Why should women, especially women in business have to keep modest, humble and quiet about getting a promotion, a pay rise, getting a pat on the back from your boss or smashing those KPI’s?

Bragging shouldn’t be about rubbing your achievements in another person’s face, but more or less about expressing your ultimate successes, providing words of advice and learning from your mistakes. Getting far in the business world doesn’t come with being quiet. In order to get places, sometimes you have to toot your own horn (but, in a good way). So toot toot that horn away.

In regards to the marketing world, we have to be comfortable in being loud and proud. Making a statement and not shying away from your goals and successes is so incredibly important. Take Marketing Eye’s founder and boss lady, Mellissah Smith she has used her powerful and strong voice to express, influence and motivate surrounding female and male individuals to do greater and do better. Bragging is power and sometimes will give you a voice that will sets you apart from the rest, not only in the business world but, the marketing world too.


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  • Pauline
    14 Feb 2019

    ! So many women are behind the success and don't tell anything, just because women must be "modest". I know a great number of women who are more than brilliant, and because of popular mentalities when they brag it's judge like inappropriate or too much...Thank you for your article, I think this issue is worth raising!

  • Léo
    05 Feb 2019

    Unfortunately, this syndrome is present all around the world. I'm a man but I'm in contact with brilliant and successful women and I have never seen them brag. They are much more than they want to admit. If you look at to Oprah Winfrey or Jessica Alba who run billions of dollars companies and started from the bottom, you've never seen them be pleased by their own. But I think the on-going changes in mentalities will upset this soon.