These 3 apps will boost your Marketing to the next level

These 3 apps will boost your Marketing to the next level

With a world full of apps, systems and technologies its more often than not, it is incredibly difficult to navigate within the business environment.


No business is the same in any way shape or form, though one thing is for sure the digital world is enabling marketing uniqueness, efficiency and direction for all businesses. This is a contributing element as to why these organisation apps are so important for every business no matter the size or scope to implement and integrate efficient apps to help manage, organise further engage and communicate to your targeted markets.


If you find Adobe Photoshop daunting, then Canva is surely the right address to go. This app is a graphic-design tool website offers a multitude of customisable templates, easy drag-and-drop formatting, free photographs, graphics, and fronts. Canva can be easily used as web and print media design and is very useful for professionals as well as non-designers.

Google Analytics

Google analytics is a very popular tool which can analyse a website. This service gives statistics and data about a website as well as about the behavior of all persons utilising this page. This tool can help to improve certain things on a site but also to detect what is most effective and most viewed on it.


This application is utilised as a very handy social media management platform. Hootsuite takes the form of a dashboard and supports social network integrations for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google , and YouTube. It allows the user to schedule social media post, track social ROI, and build workflows.

These 3 applications provide your business the ability to better manage the time, meet deadlines just-in-time by staying connected to collaborators, as well as to improve the shop window (website) according to your customers' expectations. All this is happening due to a personalised playlist! Adopt your favourite apps and gain a successful marketing campaign in no time.

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  • Pauline
    14 Feb 2019

    It's a great thing that a business can count on apps to be more productive! Technology is the future, we are not going to work alone now, but in collaboration with "tools" like apps. Like you said: "No business is the same" and these 3 apps are really interesting because you can adapt it for your business!