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There is no place I would rather work

There is no place I would rather work

When you wake up and race to the office each day, not out of necessity but because you are can't wait to turn on your laptop and hang with your team - you know you are doing something right.

My job isn't what you think. Yes, I own a marketing company, but given that we have a true flat organisational structure, I don't manage anyone, or anything for that matter. Instead, my days are full of creativity, writing, celebrating, brainstorming and general engagement with the people that work at Marketing Eye.

Today is no different to any other day. I arrived at 6.30am, and placed a bottle of french champagne on one of our team members desks and some chocolates. He graduated from University and the entire team want to celebrate that. 

We'll all start the day with a cup of tea, and then roll our sleeves up to finish all the important projects that have to be finished by the Christmas break. Some people are writing marketing strategies (bring on Robotic Marketer - because they take 30 to 50 hours of a marketers time), and others are finalising content calendars for the next month and marketing campaigns. There is a brainstorming session going on this afternoon for a few clients, where everyone will be encouraged to bring their creative-game to the table. 

I think a few people from the office that I am in today (Melbourne) will ring Atlanta to say hi, and then we will all sail into the weekend after an end-of-day glass of champagne.

What I love about Marketing Eye is:
  • No two days are ever the same
  • The people are awesome, and always pushing the envelope
  • Creativity is encouraged and celebrated
  • Everyone is equal with no heirarchy
  • Intelligence and commonsense is always a plus
  • The industries we work in are vast, so there is always something to learn
  • There is this skill-sharing, job-sharing mentality, so when you are bored doing something, all you have to do is have your sales-game on and convince someone else to do it, while you do a job for them
  • Marketing Eye is a great brand and it incorporates so many different areas of marketing, communications, social media, public relations, and technology
  • You can be whoever you want to be
  • After two years of service, a large corporation in Holland is happy to do an exchange for 12 months where one of their employees comes and replaces you in whichever country you work for Marketing Eye and you get to be Dutch. Think flying to Paris for the weekend! Doesn't get much better than that!
  • There is a future for all employees in whichever field they choose. They learn more at Marketing Eye than they learn anywhere else (a proven fact!) and they know that if they want to own their own business, they can do so under the Marketing Eye umbrella of licensing and earn more than they would in any job.

Other than that, we all smile more than we are stressed, although there are stressful deadlines from time to time.

We are looking to shake up our team in Sydney, so we are looking for forward thinking, self-starting, marketing professionals with one to two years experience to join our team. We would also like someone who is interested in Inside Sales and Marketing Co-ordination combination. It's exciting times and we are ready to kick some serious goals next year.

Marketing Eye - I love you and thank you for being my career of choice for the past 14 years. It's been awesome.

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  • Samuel Johnson
    Samuel Johnson
    19 Dec 2017

    Marketing Eye is a relatively new company for me, and one that I stumbled upon while searching on the internet. I have always wondered what it would be like working for an organization of equals and truly see the difference in team member work. Marketing Eye seems like an organization that is moving towards the new generational standards and one with a future of brightness ahead.