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Replacing the conventional agency model

There was once a real reason why big agencies had such a stronghold on anyone serious about marketing their company - but somehow that has fast become something of the past.

When I started out in agency world, it was the big brand agencies who every company wanted looking after their brands. Fast track 20 odd years, and now it's the small agencies and startups that are completely disrupting the market.

Improved brand presence and more sales

What companies want is improved brand presence and more sales, and that use to come from agencies who were able to attract the best staff and have the most experience. Now, startups are attracting the talent because people want a new working environment and it's cooler to work in a startup than it is for an established business. Also, if you can get bonuses or a piece of the action, that accounts for more than a brand name to your resume.

A startup company can literally build a piece of technolgoy that can tap into an already established (open source) social network API, and immediately have access to the audience that is ready to buy.

Scrape your database

If you scrape people that are seeking to buy a car for instance, they often have done searches and checked out a bunch of websites, perhaps and asking their own social network for ideas on how to get the best price, or in some cases which car to buy from.

A little scrape of the internet and boom, you have 10,000 people in a geographic region, in the demographic you are looking for, all captured in one lead pool, and you can commence your marketing campaign accordingly.

Big is now little 

What big advertising agency is nimble enough to do that? Very few I am afraid.

Off-shore websites are a big thing, but they lack creativity, insights and thought. Having your website developed by a company that simply off-shores, often results in you having a website that doesn't do the things that you had hoped it would do.

Working with a flexible, nimble agency full of enthusiasm and know-how, and a little tenacity to bend the rules and basics, to perform something that is going to be a game-changer in your business.

The biggest benefits in working for startup or smaller agencies that invest in knowledge and technology include:

  • Out-performing your competitor becomes a click of the button
  • Knowing what you competitor is doing on a marketing and content front becomes easy and allows you to differentiate yourself fast and efficiently
  • Going to market with new campaigns isn't a month-long ordeal - simply a few hours and off you go
  • Technology is the kingpin - and the use of technology and algorithms that help you connect with millions of customers fast is a sure way to increase your sales
  • Technology often does all the work with your sales team only needed for the face to face or telephone call for the ultimate close
  • Save money, time and hassle of going to market slower, with more 'show' and less output.

I'm a firm believe in sticking with innovative marketing companies and people that are on your same page. The more you invest in knowledge and innovation, the more opportunities that come across your path. In our Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne offices, we are spending today and tomorrow working out ways we can innovate more - and I'm sure if you are a marketing company that values technology, you too will be in the same boat.

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  • Nicola
    06 Jan 2018

    I found this article interesting as I am a marketing student surrounded by people wanting to work for an innovative start-up when they graduate. It's fascinating as it is a big disparity from a decade ago, where established large companies were the career goal.

    I agree, the fervent drive and enthusiasm you can find at smaller agency’s are almost contagious and vital for a company to develop a great culture and take risks.

    This blog post has been very insightful, particularly as I was not aware of some of the differences between marketing in a larger marketing company vs a small one. Thanks for the post Mellissah!


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