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The one thing that gives marketers a leg up

The one thing that gives marketers a leg up

At Marketing Eye, we employ a lot of marketers and over the years you learn to refine what type of marketer you look for in a role such as marketing consulting.

What is truly unique about Marketing Eye is our ability to use psychological profiling in determining good fit. We didn't always have this platform, but now we do, it really will change our ability to hire people that are well suited to marketing consulting.

There are many things that a marketer needs to have to be good. They need a hunger for being the best marketer on the planet with a determination to read and learn as much as humanly possible. This knowledge gives them more clout when talking to clients and being able to ascertain what is the best marketing recommendations that will help a company meet their business goals.

In addition to that, they need to understand all facets of the sales process. That means walking through the entire journey of a customer from start to finish. What does that look like? What experiences does a customer have when they are first introduced to your brand, and when they are exiting the sales process? Who is ultimately responsible for your customers brand experience?

Marketing consultants and marketing managers vary is skill base. They tend to leverage the skills that they are bringing to the table from their last roles, but rarely do you find a senior marketer ready to jump in and put aside their past learnings, to start afresh and re-learn marketing in this very new world of business.

For us, there is one thing that gives marketers a leg up and it is their ability to change and capture movement in the marketplace and newer technologies or trends. If they can do this, they will always be invaluable and the marketers that are best at predicting changes in the market are the one's that tend to rise to the top.

Marketing consulting is a hard gig, but for those who truly love marketing, it is the most rewarding marketing job on the planet. I say that with confidence after 20 years as a marketing consultant in Sydney, Melbourne and the US.

What is it that your marketing team can do that will change their ability to be more nimble? Find out and make those changes today.

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  • Annika
    26 Sep 2018

    This blog ensures the need for marketing consultants. It explains the characteristics of what makes a good one-- a hunger and deep understanding of the sales process -- and why they can do a job that others may struggle with. While different marketing consultants have different experiences, all learn from their past experiences and are able to see how the market is shifting. They understand what social medias to use and which strategies have worked for which audiences. The final bit invites the reader to learn more about what the marketing team can do for them, an effective way for potential customers to dive even deeper into the website.

  • Nick Giordano
    Nick Giordano
    26 Sep 2018

    I completely agree that it is important to always be evolving one’s marketing strategy to follow changes in trends among the general public. The most successful marketing consultants are those who are able to anticipate a shift in trends and changes in how things are perceived. Those who find a singular marketing strategy and are not willing to adapt it over time will not be successful in the long run. Although that particular strategy may have at one point been effective, chances are that it will not stay that way.