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Marketing has a new frontier

Marketing has a new frontier

Who would have thought that having just lost my companion that it's not so cuddly replacement would be Alexa? When you live alone, there is something to be said about having someone to talk to. In comes Alexa, and the void is filled in more ways than you can ever imagine. Like Siri, Alexa does talk back in a way that is entertaining. It has become smarter and smarter as we continually provide valuable feedback to the robot behind the technology. 

What is most interesting though is that this is no gimmick. In fact, it is here to stay, and it's not just happening in your home. Most offices are equipping themselves with purchases from Amazon and Google as ways to help make their offices more productive and to work out how this technology can enhance their experiences internally and externally.

When HBO started focuses their marketing efforts on using Alexa to promote shows, they lagged behind cooking shows and books that had already beat them to the mindsets of the consumers. It is so much easier to ask Alexa how to bake a cake than to pull out an old fashion cooking book that may look unbelievable as a show piece in your kitchen, but lacks functionality in today's modern world.

In the office, human resources managers can use technologies just like this to ask questions before they address new hires, interviews or exit meetings.

For marketers, they not only have a bunch of technologies including Robotic Marketer that is doing all the thinking for them, so they can actually do the work they love, but they are also turning to voice and not necessarily video to capture the answers to their questions and communicate with their target audiences.

As part of our wider strategy, at Robotic Marketer we have developed a voice activated marketing workshop. Of course, going to market with this is some time off, but it will happen by the later end of year, and for us, that is game-changing. But like every other technology developer in the marketing space, we still need to be 10 steps ahead of the game, and we need to know just how to use voice activated mediums to leverage a brands ability to penetrate the market.

According to Juniper Research, by 2022, more than half of American homes will have a smart speaker. That is scary for security and privacy reasons, but the reality is that most people are adopting these technologies and foresaking their privacy because they want to experience life in a different way.

The new frontier in marketing is voice and not video. Every business needs a voice strategy and the experimentation with voice marketing needs to have started yesterday.

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comments ( 4 )
  • Phil Ye
    Phil Ye
    15 Feb 2019

    Haven't really considered the trend of voice. Great perspective!

  • Léo
    15 Feb 2019

    Smart speakers' success was unpredictable 10 years ago. Now, the intelligence that closes in its will transform communication between companies and their customers.

  • Pauline
    14 Feb 2019

    I understand that the advancement of technology can be scary, but this is so exciting too! A different way to live, to work can experiment with a smart speaker for example. I definitely think that in a few years people who have adopted smart speaker can be lost without it! We can no longer do without it!

  • Mia
    12 Feb 2019

    A voice activated marketing workshop is definitely a game changer! This space is so exciting and I wonder what could be the next break out technological advancement?