How to get a big payrise

With all of this talk on what some people do to reach their career goals in Hollywood, it seems that we have forgotten the 'real' world.

In the real world, to get a big pay rise, you have to work really hard, ensure that the company is profiting from your work at a rate that is commensurate with industry standards.

As you have seen, some people get paid more than other for various reason:

  • They have been in the industry longer
  • Their work and profile brings in more business to the organisation
  • They have won awards and industry accolades for their work
  • Their work translates to 3 times their salary in terms of what the company makes from their output
  • They are family or have been in the company for many years
  • They work a lot of overtime

What doesn't often get you a payrise:

  • Using gender as a reason
  • An expectation to get paid the same as your colleague without taking into account how long they have been with the company, the longevity of profits or popularity that they have been responsible for, their wider capabilities to the role and company
  • Expectation that because you have been at a company for 3 months, you should get a payrise
  • Expectation because you are being trained on other parts of a company or role, you should get a payrise (it costs to train)
  • Attitude that is negative to the overall culture of the business

What you can do to be noticed by those in power:

  • Don't sleep your way to the top - because somewhere it will come unstuck
  • Work hard, be consistent and always bring something to the table
  • Never gossip or discuss your pay or others with colleagues
  • Bring clients to the business that are from your own doing, not one's that just walk through the door
  • Always go over and above for the brand you work for
  • Upskill whenever possible
  • Challenge yourself often
  • Put yourself in uncomfortable situations to test what you are capable of
  • Put your hand up for new tasks or responsibilities
  • Mentor others and nurture the team around you
  • Show leadership capabilities

Reaching the top, unless you sleep your way there, means working hard, showing that you are capable, learning not to complain, and focusing on the big picture. 

Want that payrise or that new role - it is easier than you think!

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comments ( 2 )
  • stanley waite
    stanley waite
    07 Nov 2017

    just read the do/don't 's and think another way to add to your list is to praise or tell the boss when you have learnt/seen something that has given you knew knowledge for watching them at work...

  • Marion
    23 Oct 2017

    This article is extract from reality. It's logic: All good work deserves a good salary. Thank you for all those advices, I recommend them to many people.