#justenough campaign throws light on the use of cosmetic injectables

When Esq Plastic Surgery and Skin Clinic founder and cosmetic surgeon Dr Andy Ives said he was alarmed at the amount of people on television that have gone too far with anti aging injectables and fillers, and overall cosmetic surgery, I found it somewhat refreshing.

I too watched one episode of Married at First Sight and had a quick glimpse of My Kitchen Rules and was shocked. My first opinion was that these lovely young women obviously don't like themselves much. They want to change their entire appearance. They want to be someone else. Their lips look sore, and their faces frozen. Some had busts, that scream "look at me". 

While the Doctor was more diplomatic and professional than myself, he too thought that people looking and feeling their best is positive, but there is a fine line between what is overdone and what is #justenough. Many people and certainly people administering these non-surgical and surgical enhancements, seem to not draw the same conclusion.

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What makes a different makes us beautiful. At least that is what my mother has always told me, and something that has resonated with me for life.

When I caught onto the phrase #justenough to do something but not too much so that people have a pick me up, or are looking fresh, is healthy. In fact, it can make you feel like a million dollars.  A little anti aging cream or injectables or a tiny bit of fillers that make a subtle difference, but hardly noticable to the passers by, can be just what you need to feel like you are looking your best regardless of age.

Starting too young is a marketing ploy. Having injectables at 18 will do nothing other than make you look ridiculous. It will not be a preventative for older age. This marketing bulls*** should be illegal and the pushers, and there are many, should be fined for their role in getting young people to think that they have to do this.

What is #justenough ?

  • Using moisturiser daily
  • Hair removal
  • Fixing up broken capillaries 
  • Anti ageing injectables (minor not major) - don't let anyone oversell this to you
  • Fillers (minor once again)
  • Skin peels etc

All of these things will freshen your look, but in moderation and with careful consideration to not changing your look, they can make a huge difference. For men, going to a men's only clinic means that they understand the different makeup of men's skin and requirements. You will see men that walk out of women's clinics with puffed up lips, and more fillers than a dump yard. They look ridiculous and over-worked. 

By going to a men's only clinic, there is no embarrassing moments - everyone is there for the same reason. They understand the different textures of skin and also the requirements of men. While a woman can get away with pumped up lips, a man who has overdone it will be hidden at home for months on end. Their friends will make them the joke of the year - and no-one wants that.

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