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8 tips to maximise your marketing productivity

8 tips to maximise your marketing productivity

Marketing is a crucial part of many businesses as it grows sales by expanding prospects. Not only marketing increases the visibility of your brand, but it also builds trust and loyalty with your customers. By improving your marketing productivity, you could do more in less time. And thus, increase your profits.

It’s easy to start drowning under the ton of work any marketing strategy requires, so here are 8 tips to help you increase your marketing productivity:

1. Set realistic goals: From your budget to the number of followers on Instagram, it is incredibly useful to set goals in order to make your activities more productive. Having a plan makes it easier to stay focused and it can help an entire team to work together towards well defined and quantified objectives.

2. Use AI for automation: Virtual assistants are perfect to increase your customer-brand relationship without many efforts. It is easy to set social media calendars, send automated emails or create a chatbot that enables consumers to interact directly with the brand.

3. Measure the impact of your efforts: You must measure the influence of your marketing strategy on sales. Indeed, numbers are a great way to see where you are going and if your strategy is sufficient. If not, you’ll only need to change your strategy and review your goals.

4. Do not procrastinate: Procrastination is human, but it’s not helping. We advise you to do the biggest task in the first place, so you’ll be released and can continue to work without any stress.

5. Be consistent: We know, setting a marketing campaign takes time. But you need to be consistent every day in order to be efficient and productive.

6. Put on customer glasses: Don’t hesitate to ask your customers about what they think of the brand. Indeed, your products and services are aimed to fulfil their specific needs and wants, so why not ask them directly?

7. If stuck, ask for help: It happens to everyone. Don’t be afraid to demand help from your coworkers. Have a break, go outside to get some fresh air, it’s not a good idea to stay at your desk waiting for an answer or a problem to be solved. Remember no question is a dumb question.

8. Set good working conditions for a productive team: A positive work culture leads to productivity within the workplace as employees get to be happier and thus, work harder.

With all these tricks you are now able to increase the influence of your marketing campaign. Just remember that patience and consistency are the keys to a successful business, but other aspects of your work can impact on your productivity and any details should be taken into account.

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  • Ben
    03 Jul 2019

    It can be very difficult sometimes to stay on top of our marketing strategy and remain productive! This has been a very informative and inspiring piece.