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50 reasons why you need a marketing strategy

50 reasons why you need a marketing strategy

There are many obvious reasons why you need a marketing strategy, but in case you are sitting on your hands and procrastinating, here are 50 reasons that you cannot ignore!

50 reasons you need a marketing strategy:

  1. Provide your organisation with that much needed edge over your competitors
  2. Help to develop goods/services with best profit-making potential based on market receptiveness
  3. Creates a blueprint for all marketing activations aligned to business goals - so everyone is on the same page
  4. Assist in helping discover areas affected by organisational growth and thereby assist in creating an organisational plan more focused on the customer
  5. Sorts through competitor knowledge and insights, and delivers best-practices to out-compete through smart marketing initiatives
  6. Ensures that you have the right resources internally and externally to deliver on marketing requirements
  7. Helps redefine your sales message and make it more targeted to your audience
  8. Ensures that advertising doesn't stand alone and is integrated into other marketing inititiatives
  9. Brings your content strategy to the forefront and highlights not only what platforms that will be used, but also the best channels to achieve specific content goals
  10. Provide the business with focus and direction by identifying the best opportunities worth pursuing as well as the threats to be avoided
  11. Identify tools that the company can effectively use to beat the competition and gain greater market share
  12. Differentiate a company from competition by identifying a unique selling proposition
  13. Tell your brand story how it should be told
  14. Translate the company vision and mission objectives into effective marketing initiatives
  15. Serve as foundation for all your communication campaigns with set key performance indicators
  16. Improve the effectiveness of the marketing message to customers and partners
  17. End second guessing and assuming, as it allows you to make decisions based on fact, analysis and experience. The use of data science is a game-changer.
  18. Create consumer preference for the brand
  19. Help you reach your target audience, boost your customer base, and ultimately, increase your bottom line
  20. Help to gain a competitive advantage
  21. To build brand awareness in the market with repetitive marketing activations that constantly keep your brand top-of-mind
  22. Stop you wasting time and money on marketing that you are not sure whether or not it works or is effective
  23. Seek to identify not only your current customers, but perspective one's too
  24. Creative edge and help curate a distinguished personality in the market.
  25. Spend your budget wisely based on solid decisions
  26. Increase market share
  27. Help the company to carve a niche in the market with a distinguished brand identity and the offerings of the products
  28. Ensure that you are not missing important parts of the marketing mix
  29. Know what your business is and why these are benefits others
  30. Documents your revenue model and how it is directly aligned to sales and marketing performance
  31. Have a guide for your marketing plan and budget
  32. Give your team no-excuses to not be successful
  33. Know how you stack up against the competition
  34. Allow you to work "on" the business and not "in" the business
  35. Coordinates employees towards a goal that a business aims to achieve at that particular time
  36. Divide work into small manageable tasks
  37. Have certain duties attached to each stakeholder 
  38. Help determine your target market
  39. Reduce your expenditures and yield higher profit
  40. Ensure that your business is not falling behind when it comes to implementing new ways to market your business
  41. Generates ideas and brainstorming sessions with your team, which often bring to the forefront better decisions on what should be in your marketing strategy
  42. Build out a public relations program that incorporates not only getting media exposure but also mindshare with journalists on platforms such as Twitter
  43. Help your business move from strength to strength
  44. Help your customers build stronger bonds and emotional attatchements with your brand.
  45. Helps you get your name and brand out there and that helps draw customers and make sales
  46. Form long term and short-term goals for the company with specific timeframes around delivery
  47. Better define the marketing mix needed to connect with customers and create memorable customer experiences
  48. Implement the vision of the organisation
  49. Forces you to formulate and articulate your thinking about your customers, your product, and how you bring those two things together
  50. Help you organise your time and your priorities
  51. You need a Marketing Eye!
There is no time like the present to get started on your marketing strategy!

Written by: Seina Yamasaki, Marketing Intern from Japan.

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