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Graduate Marketing Positions Are More Than Just A Foot In The Door

Graduate Marketing Positions Are More Than Just A Foot In The Door

Starting off your career can be scary. It also can be downright unsettling on so many levels. You've just finished your degree and all of a sudden there is pressure to start your first job. Everyone is throwing around jobs that they either have lined up or are hoping to score, and yet you don't really know what you should be looking for.

It's ok. You are normal. Most graduates don't know what their next step is, and if they are realistic, not everyone can get a job at Google or Facebook, so starting at the bottom and sometimes making coffee is what appears to be in front of you.

There are so many things you need to do to prepare for a new job, the first thing is to have a strong CV that highlights what you have learned during your various University internships. Then there is the cover letter. Your older sister or brother says to not bother, but they have forgotten one important thing, and that is the fact that you haven't yet made a name for yourself and your work history doesn't speak for itself.

While I am only privy to what my friends say about Marketing Graduate positions and the many graduates that we have employed over the years, I do know that there are some things you should expect in your first role as a Marketing Graduate that will help you navigate your way to a higher paying, more responsible position in no time.

Proactive, energetic approach

The energy you bring to the room and your ability to always put up your hand for any task that needs to be done, will make you stand out. It will also make you invaluable to the organisation in which you are working in. People buy personalities and quite often it's what you bring to the culture and your can-do attitude that really leaves your mark.

Learning and development

As a marketing graduate, you will learn on the job and as part of your on-boarding process you will be privy to new technologies, management styles and culture dynamics. But... the best way to learn is to be a self-starter. There is literally thousands of free courses online in everything from Adwords to Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn that will enhance your ability as a marketer. Also, Google is your best friend. Google "how to search engine a website" or "how to write a good press release" and I can assure you that quality articles and 'how to's' will come up that will help you know more about all aspects of marketing.

Be prepared to do things you have never done before

Being a marketing graduate is all about firsts. You will constantly be thrown in the deep end and asked to do things that you have never done before. Once again, don't be afraid to Google if you are unsure, or as ask someone.

Show common sense

You know when your parents said you have "no commonsense"? Well, in business, there is no place for not thinking before doing. Make sure you think things through and always use common sense when doing any task.

Bring something to the table

You are new and you have a lot to learn. You may think that because you are on a starter-salary it's all about what the company can give you - but think again. Valuable employees and one's that go on to being successful always bring something to the table. Become really good at something that the company needs and always bring ideas on how you can improve what you are doing to help the company grow - because, that's what leaders of the future do.

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