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Content Marketing Strategies You Cannot Afford To Ignore

Content Marketing Strategies You Cannot Afford To Ignore

In the past 12 months, technology in the marketing space has taken a quantum leap. What was seen as being futuristic, is all of a sudden 'now'. Adapting, embracing and rejunenating marketing campaigns is at the forefront of every marketers mind. No longer can a marketer ignore where technology is taking them, otherwise they might find their marketing campaigns ineffective and worse, their jobs obsolete.

Changes in content marketing strategies

Content marketing strategies have seen the biggest set of changes, namely due to artificial intelligence and software robotics. It's working out where marketers fit in this equation that will really determine the future of marketing campaigns.

The ability for artificial intelligence to gather and interpret information which would normally take a marketer or researcher months of work, in seconds, is the biggest advantage that content marketing strategies have received in the lifetime of this discipline. 

Machine Learning

Using machine learning or software robotics as the tech industry call it, allows for the interpretation of content and clickable data to learn from past mistakes and successes, redesigning how content is delivered in the future.

The more data that is collected on the audiences preferences and interests to ensure that marketers are delivering content that people actually want to see, read and hear - the better. Marketers are now able to build out more powerful, targeted and personalised content segment based on personality, shopping behaviour and interests.

Biggest opportunity for content marketers

The biggest opportunity for companies that do have content marketing strategies is the fact that 65% of businesses don't.

And of the companies that do, many still see it as just an editorial content that is planned weeks or months in advance. However, in reality, a content marketing strategy is so much more than this:

  • It has a firm set of goals aligned to the business strategy (generating more traffic, more leads, making more conversions via your website, blog or email and so on)
  • Has a set of KPIs (key performance indicators) for measuring ROI
  • Provides audience segmentation for personalised content
  • Includes a content re-purposing strategy
  • Includes content curation strategy
  • Differentiates strategies for different customer acquisition channels

Addressing the need for voice search results, many content marketing strategies are now ensuring that they not only provide content tailored to what a person types into a search engine, but also, importantly what people ask Siri or the myriad of other voice activated assistants. Even fewer marketers are hopping on this very important tactic aligned to content marketing strategies.

Last but not least, influencers. This powerful group of people can help share your content to millions of other people. As an #AdobeInsider which in short is an influencer for Adobe, I have seen first hand how influential 60-odd influencers have been around the globe in capturing mindshare and sharing important Adobe updates.

Content marketing strategies are evolving and the need for marketers to follow suit is critical to them being able to compete with their robotic friends in the future.

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