Marketing and the Millennial

Marketing and the Millennial

As I look around the Sydney, Marketing Eye office something really stands out. I’m one of the oldest ones here, not only am I one of the oldest members of the team, I’m in a sea of Millennials. What’s a Millennial you ask? Well it’s a term coined to represent anyone in their early twenties born in the year 2000-2010 and yes, the office is full of them. 

Now Millennials have been given a bad rap in the media of late being referred to as the me, me, me generation or sensitive snowflakes. Is this fair? No, I don’t think so, in fact in my experience here at Marketing Eye I’ve found the exact opposite. The young team here have been nothing but hard working, dedicated, loyal, super tech-savvy and so much more confident then I remember ever being at 20.

I think what really stands out to me about the millennials in the office is they are so willing to learn and for me to teach them. They ask questions, they’re inquisitive, they’re eager and they have a real enthusiasm for life that’s contagious. 

Mellissah Smith, founder and owner of Marketing Eye agrees, “the young team in Sydney are exceptional”. They usually start their life here as interns but we have recently transitioned three interns into full-time Marketing Executives roles and they’ve proven to be absolute professionals with so much passion and drive.

A recent article in Forbes Magazine outlined “5 ways that Millennials will transform the workplace” by explaining how Millennials will set a new standard of leadership and drive harder for issues such as gender diversity and inclusion. The most interesting thing I found in the article was the challenges that millennials will face in the workplace with the increasing presence of automation. Artificial Intelligence or AI will play a big role in industry in the future, but machine learning is inevitable, it will be interesting to see how this generation adapts to the automated solutions that are quickly becoming available.

Although I do admit making fun of Millennials is entertaining as per this pardy by Micah Tyler, it’s been an eye-opening experience for me working with Millennials. The ones I work with really go against this stereotype and are some of the most talented, amazing and fun people to work with. They are the most travelled, experienced, educated and talented generation which make me wonder is all the fun poking really necessary or is a case of older generations forgetting what is like to be fresh into the workplace with the world at your feet?

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  • Phil Ye
    Phil Ye
    11 Dec 2018

    It is great to hear such good comments for the millennial.

  • Hellen
    29 Nov 2018

    A very insightful blog. As a millennial myself, I must say there are many people my age cruising through life thinking the world resolves around them. At the same time, I also see many people going above and beyond to build on their skills and knowledge to be valuable members of the workplace. Thank you for giving us millennials a chance and looking beyond the stereotype!