The single best way to impress a new boss

The single best way to impress a new boss

As a fast growing company, we are hiring new people across marketing, graphic design, software engineering and web development. It's an interesting time as while we have just gotten use to millennials, its now time to dig a little younger and foster growth in graduates.

This next generation seems to be a little easier to understand. I don't know why, but from my own experiences they are a polite, yet know what they want, and like their predecessors, are addicted to their phones.

They said smart watches would take off, but I haven't seen many come through this office. They still like that hand held device attached to long term service plans that give them unlimited data and all the streaming they can ever dream for.

To ensure that young marketers have the ability to learn the tricks of the trade while at the same time hopefully bringing something to the table, we of course need to hire more experienced marketing executives and marketing managers.

Yesterday was one of those days, and I have to say that there were many things that really stood out with our new marketing manager hire in Sydney. Namely, she is just professional. From the way she dresses to the way she conducts herself and her impeccable manners, she showed me that her own personal brand was one that everyone can trust and respect.

Don't expect fluff or anything that is inappropriate. Instead you will get a well dressed person who has high standards and who will always do exactly what she says she will do. She asks questions and isn't afraid to offer some advice to those in the room. Her natural inclination is to nurture those around her and through her personable nature, she has engaged with everyone, and I mean everyone. 

Confidence goes a long way in marketing. It helps people trust you and allows you to get the message across. 

There are a number of things that impressed me about our new Sydney hire:

  • Her professional dress standards. It sets the scene for everyone else to follow.
  • The number of questions she asked that were intelligent and well thought through
  • Her family is her biggest supporters. She has two lovely children and her parents live around the corner. They are only too happy to help out.
  • She isn't afraid to say that she took a more flexible route while having children because she wanted to be there for them. Kudos to her. I applaud that.
  • More than ever, this next phase of her career means something to her. She is determined to make the most of it.
  • She is respectful, kind, generous and thoughtful.

I'm so happy. I will leave this office is very good, capable hands and I am so pleased to have someone so wonderful as part of our team.

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