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More action and far less talk : marketers

More action and far less talk : marketers

Marketing Managers want to be at the table when business decisions are being made. They, by sheer title, believe that they are being largely ignored over Sales Manager who bring dollars to the table and other senior management team members including technology. 

With marketing technologies as they are, marketers are forced to not only learn about them, but bring business case studies as to why a company should invest in a new technology that has a large upfront cost, but a long-term gain. Technology Managers often believe that this cost can be better spent with business efficiencies, and that marketing should be 'doing their jobs' and creating leads.

There is a huge disconnect still between marketing and technology, and both teams are threatened by the Martech role and who gets what budget out of the yearly spend.

Return on investment is the catalyst for change, and whichever party can give the best business case study often overrides the other. But is that the best outcome for the company - a case study? Or should we use the fact that if we don't adopt some of these technologies, we may in fact find ourselves out of a job and the business taken over by more innovative, forward thinking companies.

There is a lot of talk about what should be done within large and small organisations, but talk doesn't get you anywhere. It's action. Being able to make decisions and activating those decisions in a way that shows the long term goals being achieved for the business.

I'm in Sydney today and our conversation is very much on what technologies will drive us into the future and what role will we play as marketers in achieving the business goals while delivering a service unsurpassed by competitors. What does that actually mean for the company? Today, we will find out!

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