If You Want a Good Employee, Look at their Parents

If You Want a Good Employee, Look at their Parents

With a growing business there are pains, and sometimes things happen that are out of our control.

Our Sydney office experiences an exponential inflow of leads every single day. We are completely miffed as to why we receive so many Sydney-based leads from our social media and website, and as such, we need to employ more people.

In the recruitment process, we have received a lot of applicants, but in fairness, we should have gone back to the original applications we received 6 months ago, who may not have re-applied this time around. The quality of applicants in June last year was much higher than the quality we are receiving today.

But with the pains of growing, we have to be strong delegators to various offices and make sure we are all super organised.

And that is exactly what Emily Ryan has done. Emily is a marketing manager in our Sydney office and the minute we identified that we needed more staff, and with one of our team leaders moving to Geelong, this need was urgent.

What I found in this situation changed my whole opinion of people.

Emily not only stood up and took control without any complaints or even being asked to, she fixed any problems that had arisen and became this dynamic, unbelievably capable person who looked immediately to the future and ensured that every part of the business in the area of marketing was completely, utterly, under control.

It blew my mind.

I didn't know Emily very well as I don't travel to Sydney as much as I use to, but what I did know is that she comes from a really good, ethical family. Going back to my theory that the best hires come from good families that install manners, respect and integrity in their children, Emily epitomises exactly the type of employee or team member, more precisely, that is instrumental in taking a company to the next level.

Both of her family members are Pharmacists and own a Pharmacy. They have seen as much as I have, no doubt, where some employees don't perhaps have the company's best interests at heart.

Her parents have taught her right from wrong. They have installed in her that importance of doing a good job and being the best you can be. She has zero sense of entitlement and works hard without any supervision. 

The work that Emily does with clients is all based on what is in their best interests and is in every respect ethical. I really cannot speak highly enough of her morals and loyalty, alongside a very capable marketing manager, who one day will be a marketing director or CMO.

She has stood out and the respect I have for her right now is enormous. I am so glad that we have had a hurdle in our business because through it, I got to know Emily much better and I am so proud to have her on our team.

I also want to give her family a hug. Through their impeccable parenting skills, they have brought up a young woman who outshines other millennials ten-fold. She gives me faith that my theory on good parenting produces the best employees.

I am sure that there is more to come with my thoughts on the effect of parenting on the future employees in a company.

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  • Stefani Kovacevic
    Stefani Kovacevic
    16 Feb 2016

    I do appreciate the authors opinion but disagree to some extent about the theory that 'good parenting produces the best employees.' As war refugees, my parents fled the Yugoslavian war and came to Australia. They did not speak English, had two toddlers to feed and no money at all. My father ended up getting a job on a building site and my mother worked in a factory making airbags. My parents, still to this day, have demanding and physical labor jobs.
    My parents always pushed us to do good in school, but what motivated my sibling and I to do well and aspire to good careers was seeing their struggle, and our own passion for the fields we are in.
    The point I am trying to make is that every person/family is different. Different things motivate different people. Some may learn manners from a primary school teacher, some may be motivated by an individual leading an extracurricular activity, or some are just born motivated to succeed will not let any obstacle in their way.