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What I am doing to make the most of the leap year

What I am doing to make the most of the leap year

In everyone's lives, we have been given something that money cannot buy, and that is time. Today, we have an extra day in our year that we can do what we want with and make the most of being fortunate enough to add the extra day we weren't banking on to our lives.

So, what are you going to do with it?

I've decided to take control:

I slept in until 7.30am

By getting extra sleep, I was able to be fresh and ready to tackle anything that may come across my path today with a clear head and mind.

Believe that anything is possible

I believe this anyway, but it's a reminder that with an extra day to play with, anything is possible and I am keen to take anyone up on any offer to make it memorable.

Start again

I love starting again. New canvas, new set of paints and some time to reflect on how I can do things better.

Give to others

There is nothing more satisfying than being kind and generous. Too many people in the world get caught up in themselves and forget. Do something for a stranger that they will remember long after your gone. It's not hard. It can be small, but just make it memorable.

Forgive and forget

We all harbour things that hold us back. Get rid of them! Throw them out the door. Start again. Forgive and forget. We all make mistakes and that's ok. Kindness wins always.

Realise that everyone is different and that celebrate the fact

So, someone has a different opinion to you - so what! Really, isn't that what makes life interesting. Someone looks differently, or comes from a different background - once again, so what! Celebrate differences and quirkiness in each other's personalities.

Honesty is the best policy always

There really are so many nasty, dishonest people in the world. Instead of calling them out, spray them with kindness and goodwill. Maybe one day they will click and realise that life is better being nice. Honesty is a core value that I have - unfortunately, not many others do. Coach people on the value of honesty and how they can change their outcomes by always being honest.

People change, and sometimes we don't like the changes in them

Instead of acknowleding that we don't like it, distance yourself from their lives and let them live the life they want to. Many people go through changing circumstances and they change who they are because they are just not happy with themselves. It's their journey, not yours. Respect that.

Build bigger goals and put a plan together

I am always dreaming about what I can do, but there is only so many hours in the day. Instead of "dreaming" start doing, and build a plan around what is actually doable.

Marketing Eye is an open-minded, fresh, innovative marketing company that loves working with people from all walks of life. From startups to SMB's and even large corporations. We believe in the people we work with and what is needed to help them be more successful. What a great day to celebrate that!

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  • Chanel Haila
    Chanel Haila
    29 Mar 2016

    Go after what I want in my career!

  • Managed Services Dallas
    Managed Services Dallas
    21 Mar 2016

    Great stuff from you, man. I've read your stuff, and you're just too dangerous. I love what youve got here, love what you say, and you say it. You make it entertaining and you still manage to keep it smart.

    Managed Services Dallas