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My next trip, is a defining trip in the life of my business

My next trip, is a defining trip in the life of my business

Next week is a big one. I will be speaking at the most esteemed women's conference in Australia, the inaugural Inspiring Rare Birds Con, founded by serial entrepreneur and mentor to many, the beautiful Jo Burston. 

I don't really like speaking at "all women" conferences. I am definitely not a gender specific person. I think every person is equal and should be treated likewise.

In fact, I think men now have a harder slog. With all of these mandates that say women should hold 50% of the positions on boards, many will now be overlooked even if they are better qualified, with more experience and capable of bringing more to the table.

But the fact of the matter is, many women have been overlooked for years. It's kind of pay back time - but I am not sure society is quite doing it right.

However, the way Jo Burston is going about it, I respect. She is not bagging men. Quite the contrary. She has men speaking at her conference. What she is doing, is inspiring women to be entrepreneurs, and to know that they have that choice in life. She is giving them something to believe in, and instruments to make that happen. Her business Inspiring Rare Birds isn't all talk. It's action. It's not just about motivating (you can go to Anthony Robbins for that). It's about teaching, educating, developing, collaborating, and being "nice" to your fellow women. It's about giving women who may not have quite have made it yet, the chance to learn from those who have. Basically, it's not a bullshit women's group. It's an empowering one led by a woman who is putting her money where her mouth is. 1,000,000 women entrepreneurs is very possible and someone has to lead the way in Australia. This movement is happening elsewhere around the world, but in Australia, we lag sometimes, or our groups become either over-hyped, over-promoted women's movements, or they don't quite get the traction.

Having built a business with a turnover of $40 million has given her the power to do more, and use these same skills that made her successful, to build something that she is incredibly passionate about.

10.15am on Wednesday 8 August, 2016 (P.S. #8 is my lucky number!!)

I am a speaker at that event. Today, I am going to write my speech. It's not going to be the normal type of speech that everyone hears. If you read my blogs, I am "no bullshit" in the way I deliver what is really going on in life whether it's business or not.

I have a dream, but that dream is only second to my health and personal life. Business is one of the greatest gifts to be ever given to a person like me. It gives me a purpose that provides meaning and an ability to create change in the world.

I've learned it is more about the people whose lives I can change and help like my staff, clients and others that I come into contact with, than it is about creating wealth or a business that other people might say is successful.

The ladder, I care little about. I don't need for someone to tell me that I am successful. I am happy and that to me is success. If you can find out what makes you truly happy and savour it - that is priceless. No amount of money will ever give you that feeling.

My next trip is straight after my speech. I would have loved to hear every single person speak. That would have been amazing. But life of an entrepreneur often means that we have to keep on moving. I'm in LA for a few meetings, then New York for a whole heap more. 

I work heavily in charity, and my passion project, The World Incubator, is about to take off. I have been invited by one of the world's Top 20 entrepreneurs, to go visit his pet project. He has greated hundreds of jobs in a short amount of time in a rural town with 4000 people. I need to know how he did it and replicate that in Charters Towers, then in Hervey Bay and Ingham and Townsville and anywhere else that is struggling right now. 

Australia really needs to put their best foot forward and this is my passion and what I intend to give my all to.

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    06 Jun 2016

    Great post! Thanks for sharing.