Life is to be lived, only by your own standards - not someone else's

It's that time of year, when we all start to feel the pinch. What is it that we want to achieve by the years end and what will 2018 look like.

For many of us, we have kicked some goals in 2017, but didn't quite stick to our New Years' Resolutions. If you are constantly on the improve, and wanting to grow as an individual, and in your careers or business, you know that you have to work out what is stopping you from reaching your full potential.

There are many things that hold us back;

  • Self-sabotage: Wanting to reach for the stars, but making sure that we don't through excuses, or blocking our own path
  • Challenges: Thinking we are up for the challenge and saying those words out loud, but being terrified when a challenge hits our path to the point where we run back to where we started
  • Self-doubt: Not believing in our selves enough
  • Doubting our team: Wanting to kick goals, but being uncertain whether or not your team is a) with you b) up for the ride c) willing to bring something to the table
  • Life: We have goals yet with life happening around us like families, weddings, birthdays, celebrations, festive season etc - the time never seems to be right
  • Procrastination: One of the biggest issues that entrepreneurs and careered professionals have is procrastination. You can think about it as much as you like, but if you don't do it, then why bother wasting time thinking. It's energy that you can spend elsewhere.
  • Being afraid: I'm afraid of success, afraid of failure, afraid of my own measures, afraid I am not good enough, afraid that I will never make it, afraid that something will fall apart. This crippling feeling of being afraid is a huge obstacle to overcome. Don't let being afraid be the one thing that holds you back.

I can't imagine what it is like to live another life. I have been somewhat of a free spirit, only constrained by my own choices for so many years and now more so than ever, I am faced with the prospect of taking off those constraints and opening up a whole new world.

2018, like 2017, is a year of change, evolution and being open to everything and anything. I want more than anything to take myself further out of my comfort zone, and never sit still. I tried the ladder and it bored me, yet taught me so much more about myself. 

Life is to be lived, only by your own standards - not someone else's.

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  • Maria
    04 Dec 2017

    We all have a short time to live, so we should focus on creating our own experiences and memories according to our desires and beliefs, not anyone else's. There will be criticizers and supporters, but you should focus on how the situation affects you. This helps you in feeling more positive and independent.

    However, it is important to support others, but I believe care should come from one's heart, not obligation.
    Remember that there has to be a balance between taking care of yourself and giving others happiness.

  • Aarushi Sawhney
    Aarushi Sawhney
    04 Dec 2017

    An article which popped up on my screen right in time! 2017 is ending and it was just the kind of motivation that I needed!
    Time to end the evil in me #procrastination


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