Young and Strong Female Entrepreneurs Under 30

Young and Strong Female Entrepreneurs Under 30

What if women make the first move and send the first message?

Whitney Wolfe Herd smiles on the cover of Forbes Under 30 young and determined. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah where she graduated with a International Studies, she has gone on to established a position as co-founder and president for marketing for the famous dating app Tinder. In 2014, Herd left Tinder due to tensions with other company executives and decided to realise and recreate her own “vision” of a dating app: Bumble.

This woman has revolutionised at 28 years old the way people and especially women meet on dating apps. Women can finally make the first move and start to choose more than just waiting to be chosen.

Offering a heightened feminine perspective, Bumble has positioned themselves as a successful competitor of Tinder. Bumble has over 22 million registered users, while Tinder has recorded 46 million – Bumble is increasing in growth by 70% every year, rapidly chasing Tinder’s 10%.

What an incredible come back!

This women-centric social brand highlights the endless possibilities women have to make the first move and decide whether they want to call someone or not. We love this powerful feminist message!

What if start-ups knowledge was not elitist but shared on a completely new platform?

Sarah Prevette, Canadian, founded the company Sprouter - the world’s first online community that provides real-time advice to start-ups.

Sarah had previous experience in a start up when she was still a student and back in 2000 launched an opinion-sharing website called Upinion. This platform’s purpose was originally based off asking successful business owners for information and advice on approaching the entrepreneur world.

The platform was not as successful as she expected, due to the flow of information which was really hard to obtain. Instead, Sarah built a new platform, Sprouter, where start-up founders can support other young entrepreneurs and exchange information to support their peers to achieve their goals.

Sarah believes in the importance of actively networking for new entrepreneurs as the empowerment of the community as a whole and fundamentally as a tool connects founders with people who they can learn from. Basically a win-win situation!

It is not surprising to see how important networking has become in society within all variations of activities which one decides to pursue. Having the belief and the mentality to strive for excellence is a key ingredient to achieving results, just look at the above.

Dedication, self-belief and drive will get you there! 

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