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Your clients don’t know Who you are?

Your clients don’t know Who you are?

It happens! If you are a growing business and you are not the primary account manager of your business, then quite often, clients may not know who you are or what you look like.

Lately, I have been asked the question by many of my clients as to whether they should or should not have a photo of themselves on their websites.

Although this may be subject to the type of business you are in, it is quite often easy to answer. Yes, you should show that there is a face behind your brand, that you are proud of the company you have built and that your business is about people. All of these things can be projected in a picture.

That is, a professional picture.

That means no shots of yourself at your sisters wedding, out on a night on the town, laying by the beach in the Whitsundays or riding a horse in the outback. All – not appropriate.

A professional picture that shows that your business is human, that you are in fact behind its success and brand, and that you are proud to be associated with such a powerful brand can mean the difference of someone calling you or not.

Now, I for one, am not photogenic and I hate getting my photo taken, but the reality is, in this day and age a good photographer can do wonders.

They can give you a touch up that still looks like you, only better.

I recommend Celebrate Photography’s Renato in Sydney. He does a shoot for corporate or small business at a very reasonable rate and doesn’t charge the earth for reprints.

To date, I don’t have a connection in Melbourne, so it is very much hit or miss.

Check out and have your portrait taken for your website or for public relations reasons.


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