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Where are you on google?

Where are you on google?

Every month I go through the arduous task of checking Marketing Eye’s google rankings.

It’s important to our organisation, as we are advocates of not spending money on adwords or external seo optimisers and believe a well built website that is seo’ed is all that a business needs.

To date, we have been correct in doing this, because we are number one in every keyword that we seek to dominate with a few number 2 positions for secondary choices.

Not bad considering that there are thousands of marketing companies out there selling the same service as us – but fortunately, our in-house seo team are better ;)

I am very proud of what they have achieved and am acutely aware of how much competition there is for these coveted terms that we have chosen as keywords.

Marketing Eye has enormous traffic to our website with people spending at least 11 minutes on the site before exiting.

We try to keep content relevant to the companies we seek to work with and no doubt have a number of competitors that take a look at our site each week. The latter, we find very flattering and highlights not only our strength and position in the market, but just how innovative we are in providing small businesses with exactly what they are looking for.

If this week is your last before you break for the festive season, why not check out how your business is ranked and think about what more you can do to improve your position on google.

For many people, your ranking on google is the most important brand positioning you can have.

If you are not sure of what you can do to improve your ranking – give Marketing Eye a call. For 5 minutes, we are happy to give you complimentary advice on what you can do.

Marketing Eye is Australia’s leading small to medium sized business marketing consultancy firm. We offer clients a skilled marketing manager with a support team of inhouse branding, public relations, advertising, creative, web and film experts.

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