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You may fail - so what?

You may fail - so what?

Never die wondering. It's not just what I say, its what most people would say, even you, had you not been so afraid to take the risk.

I don't know about you, but I am tired of people coming to me for advice, and then never doing anything about it. I am not talking about coming to me for advice and not following my advice. I am talking about coming to me with an idea, and never executing it, mostly due to fear of failure.

Fear and insecurities are the single biggest threat to you becoming successful. It ties you up not just for hours, but perhaps years or a lifetime.

On the weekend, I watched a television show that screened in the US in 2013 Startup Silicon Valley. It's about a bunch of twenty-somethings that all have startups. With no fear of failure, they embrace their inner risk taking selves and put it all on the line for the chance that they may be successful. Some were, most were not. 

But I admire them immensely. They are my role models. As we get older, we have more to lose or at least we think so.

Failure is not bad

Failure is something you can learn from. Yes, you may get your ego hurt, or lose a few teeth, but there is nothing that failure can do to you that will ruin your life. If you should happen to fail at something, reflect on what you did wrong and simply avoid similar mistakes in the future.

Don't play the blame game

Avoid trying to blame others for your failure. Instead, realize that failure is a combination of things of which you have played a role. Dissect it and know what your role was in the failure. Learn from it and move on. 

Get back on the bike

So, your ego is bruised - well, it will heal. The best thing you can do when you fail is reflect, then get back on the bike and try again. Take those lessons and use them as your secret sauce to succeeding in the future.

No-one said being an entrepreneur or navigating life would be easy. The most important thing any person can do is to embrace failure and not be afraid of the journey leading up to being successful. 

Many of the world's most successful people failed first. As long as you do so ethically and you do the right thing by the people who are around you, then by getting back on the bike and riding towards your next goal is the only way you will get closer to achieving success.

Dare to change it up, create something new, innovate adn stay relevant. You never know what is around the corner.

It's frustrating to hear people say that they could have done something, but never did. Or that they dreamed of owning a business, but were too afraid to take the risk. Failure is something that we all should embrace as it is singularly the best school for learning how things should be done.

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  • Marie Traussneck
    Marie Traussneck
    01 Mar 2015

    You tell a true word:
    It is just a simple thing: "Why do we fall? So we could learn to pick ourselves up." Every athlete knows that, when he stands up immediatly after he fall down to try again. They don't think about it, they just do it. And what else are entrepreneurs or businessmen than professional athletes? They do the same marathon, just in a different kind of way. So, to overcome the fear of failure, i think maybe it is sometimes not a bad idea to stop weighing all pros and cons and to take action ...
    For then, just one question remains: What would be the world like, if nobody fears failure?