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There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

After relaying my 'two days from hell' to a confidante, who had an interesting reply, I realised the reality of my world. 

To put it in context, I replied to a text message with: "Life has to have challenges and your feelings have to be hurt to be alive. I wouldn't change a thing."

Now, that was 4am this morning, but it was really how I felt. Too often we think it is 'the end of the world' when something goes wrong. I am no drama Queen, nor do I take in too much of the noise. I care only what the people that matter most to me think, and even then I analyse it and take on board their feedback if I feel that it will help me be better at whatever I am doing.

No-one is perfect, let me assure you

We all have our quirks. None of us are perfect no matter how hard we try to be. We all come with our own set of problems and I am the first to admit that I have a suitcase full, but luckily for me, that suitcase is very neatly organised and anything in that suitcase can be thrown away at any given time. 

As we get older, we hope that we evolve. Seeing life through a new lens is powerful and gives perspective. Goals change. Life throws curve balls. People disappoint you. Others come to your aid when you least expect it. Work has ups and downs. When you give up because you have had a few down days or months, you are giving up on 'you' not necessarily getting away from the problem. I learned this lesson early. Don't give up too early. Finish everything you start. 

Business changes and so should you

My business is changing so much that it is hard to find the hours in the day and maintain a work life balance that we all so want to achieve. I don't necessarily work extraordinary long hours, or at least I can say that I leave the office by 6pm, but I am quite often exhausted mentally. My brain is always on. My biggest challenge is turning it off and that for me is something that I find hard. 

I have learned to forget about business when I walk out of the office door and that has been a god-sent. What I have not learned is how to relax and not start thinking about 'hobbies' like building technology or building my house. I am sure if I could sit still I would learn to meditate and it would change my life and that is something I am certainly working on.

There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

As I looked around at our marketing consulting team in Melbourne yesterday, and our designers at work on advertising campaigns, designing new brands and building animation for a campaign - I smiled. Then I looked out the window and there was a rainbow.

Everything can change in your life in a moment. Never lose sight of what is possible if only you work through your challenges with a sound mind, and a good attitude.

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