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The Calm After the Storm... But is a cyclone is imminent

The Calm After the Storm... But is a cyclone is imminent

A sigh of relief. End of financial year has come and gone yet again. The pressure cooker in the last week, has everyone exhausted, so I can imagine there will be a few people out tonight, enjoying a few beers or wines, celebrating the end of the financial year.

It's the calm after the storm in our office today. We are all working away, in a more manageable pace, with a bit more freedom for creativity and looking at the year ahead - with a fresh set of eyes.

Television interview for biodiesel client. Tick.
Video for logistics company. Tick.
Marketing strategy for beauty company. Tick.
Website copywriting for water company. Tick.
Website for supply chain company. Tick.
Newletters. Tick.
Brochures. Tick.
Independent Market Report for public listed company. Tick.

I am exhausted just typing these marketing activities that are going on in the office today.

While everyone is breathing slowly again, getting ready for the new financial year is paramount. I mean, getting your business plan in order, setting sales goals and budgets, fine tuning the year-aheads marketing strategy and ensuring that our people management program is in place.

It's all happening in our office, but is it happening in yours?

Fail to plan, plan to fail.

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  • Royah
    13 Jul 2011

    The end of the year is always the most stressful, but can also be the most rewarding looking back on what you've achieved-making the start of the new year all the more exciting

  • Sarah-Jo
    04 Jul 2011

    Yay for freedom for creativity!
    Good planning hopefully leaves space for this to regularly occur.