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New brand brings health insurance broker company new light

New brand brings health insurance broker company new light

A few weeks ago, we met with the delightful Jack Rehm and Karen Larkin of Midsouth Planning in Atlanta. The first thing that struck me about both Jack and Karen is how nice they are. Now, nice isn't a word that many people would like associated with themselves because of the connotations that it has, but its true. They are smart, thoughtful, considerate and nice.

It was a big step for both of them to take to hire a marketing company as it isn't something that they had done before. 

As we talked through what they were trying to achieve with their business, it became evident that change was in order. They had built a solid reputation as a independent insurance broker for employee benefits ensuring that large corporations save money and improve their employee benefits schemes through strategic negotiation, relationships, education and collaboration. They have a lot of experience and stay hands on across the entire end-to-end negotiation, marketing and implementation of an employee benefit plan.

"We sell our clients to the insurance industry in the best light to achieve the best possible rates," said Jack Rehm, President of Midsouth Planning.

Marketing Eye walked away from this meeting inspired to bring their brand alive. By their own admission, it was time to change their name to Midsouth Benefits to be more in line with where their business is today. 

We researched their competitors and took into account where they were positioned in the market and the importance of cut-through. Standing out from the crowd in what can be seen as an overcrowded marketplace was imperative, although few companies do what they do well.

There are many parts to their business and to successfully implement an employee benefits plan in an organization, many things have to be taken into account. We found that there were five key areas that worked together to form the overall solution. 

With this in mind, we designed this brand, that collaborates all areas of consideration, while ensuring that they work together to form one strategic solution.

The pictures that you see with this brand depict the outcomes of this work. It is the people within an organization that benefit from a company investing in an employee benefits plan and ensuring that they receive the best possible health insurance and benefits.

What do you think? 

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  • Evgeny Cheredov
    Evgeny Cheredov
    20 Aug 2013

    Being a company involved in B2B (the firm service large corporations) partnership is the key word in this case for Midsouth Benefits.
    To stand out from the crowd the company have to consider the most topical issue of MNCs. It is sustainability. Multinationals look after their employees since it is a part of their sustainable strategy. Human resource is the most valuable asset of any company and thus the protection of this asset is a extremely important aspect.

    The one who can offer the most reliable health care package will get the loyalty of the corporation. Both pictures illustrate their orientation towards benefits of families of employees and their future. It is very explicit and precise message to potential clients of Midsouth Benefits. The message stands for the careless life that has no unpleasant uncertainties in future.

  • clinton
    13 Aug 2013

    As a company profit must be their main purpose however emplyees is still very important. If a company only cares about money but ignore all the things. Then in the long term I won't think the company can be successful. So being a successful company It is also important to care about the employees benefits.

  • Lena
    13 Aug 2013

    That's true Gigi, motivated employees also produce better outcomes which leads to customer satisfaction.

  • Gigi
    07 Aug 2013

    Employee benefits are quite important that if the employee get more benefits from the company, they will have a high sense of the belonging of the company. And, their motivation to work will be also higher. It finally benefit the company at the same time.