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Just a little bit of marketing does wonders…

Just a little bit of marketing does wonders…

Like most companies, Marketing Eye has been slack and we have not practiced what we preach. It’s like mechanics who never fix their own car.

We encourage clients to engage in proactive marketing activities and yet, we rely solely on word of mouth referral, twitter, facebook, blogs and our website.

To this end, we have grown 20% year on year over the past 3 years and prior to that 100% for 2 consecutive years. The earlier growth was so high because we were a startup company and this is normal with a starting point of zero!

With Christina Kortesis, a Marketing Manager of Marketing Eye’s who has been on maternity leave for the last 2 and half years returning, we have asked her to focus on marketing our company.

To date, she has re-engaged with old clients who are now coming back on board, sent out a e-marketing letter with a unique offer of $1990 for a new website (bargain!!!!) and is focusing on a new direct marketing campaign.

In 3 weeks, she has brought new clients and old clients to the fold and is in the process of cleaning up our database so that it is current.

The small investment has had a big return and it just goes to show you how marketing can have an affect on your business.

Some things that she has put in place include;

- Updated marketing strategy to coincide with the marketing campaigns that she will be undertaking in the next 12 months

- Clean out database and set a goal of 30% increase in companies that register for our newsletter

- Refresh of our website to generate more leads that are in areas where we would like it most

- Created public relations opportunities

- Made contact with all old clients and re-established relationships for future work

- Developed 3 campaigns for the next 2 months to run through our social networks with a target of increasing revenue by $500k in the next 3 months

Marketing creates the forum for sales to occur and without it, we would never grow at the rate we require to take the next step. Do you have a marketing eye in your business?

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