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Is your brand where it should be?

Is your brand where it should be?

Not knowing if your marketing investment is working for you is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to building your business.

Each year, millions of businesses put away funds for investment in marketing services.
Many don't know whether their investment is working or not.

Marketing Eye provides companies with a marketing manager who helps identify your target audience and develop campaigns to generate leads and create sales results.
  Build it and they will come.  
  Marketing Eye builds websites that are on-brand, engaging, response driven, simple to navigate and that bring your brand to life in the minds of your customers.

Created in a hassle-free environment, we drive our clients to better understand what makes their customers tick and importantly, buy.

Not only are our websites award winning, they are only.
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Casting a marketing eye

In today's highly competitive market, businesses focused on growth are faced with the task of choosing the best solution for their marketing requirements.

The decision to hire a full-time marketing manager versus hiring an agency is one of the hardest choices to make, particularly when funds are needed elsewhere.

Quite often, businesses are not ready for the commitment of a full-time marketing manager, or the expense of an agency.

At Marketing Eye, we have built our business on ensuring that companies that are growing have the same advantages as their larger counterparts. We only hire marketing managers skilled in every facet of the marketing mix.
  Marketing Eye provides:  
  •  Industry-specific marketing specialists  
  •  Group brainstorming with marketing experts  
  •  Systems that ensure consistency across all marketing mediums  
  •  One buying power for advertising and printing  
  •  Ongoing training and coaching of all marketing specialists  
  •  Pulse checks to ensure customer satisfaction  
  •  Key performance indicator models used on all marketing initiatives  
  •  Extensive social media and online marketing experience  
  •  Nationally-focused with international partners  

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  • nathan
    16 Jun 2011

    The from of branding and the style of innovation depends on the firms choice of either a marketing manager or an agency. However, Marketing Eye's approach followed by a step by step method including the marketing mix ensures a competitve edge and a leading stratergy for small to medium organisations.