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When your marketing is a waste of money

When your marketing is a waste of money

At Cebit this week, you can imagine my horror when I saw this well-meaning company, invest in a poorly designed banner and booth. What do you think of this banner?

Cebit was a clear example of how to waste alot of money investing in having a booth at a tradeshow and half putting it together. Here you have an opportunity to showcase your brand and value proposition to companies that will potentially be your customers. So throwing together a couple of banners is not a good idea if you want people to trust your brand and think that your company is professional and someone that they should do business with.

What's your thoughts?

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comments ( 5 )
  • דירות דיסקרטיות ברחובות
    דירות דיסקרטיות ברחובות
    26 Jul 2017

    Utterly written subject matter, Really enjoyed reading.

  • Sarah-Jo
    20 Jun 2011

    I think I have a warped sense of humour but I actually had a little giggle at that banner - it was quite horrible but funny! But certainly throwing together a few banners haphazardly is not the way to go if you're endeavouring to build a strong trustworthy brand. Looking closer at the banner in the picture above the text part of the advertisement is quite sloppy and the laptop and tie are very much not to scale! Dislike!

  • nathan
    16 Jun 2011

    Advertising is a combination of signs and symbols that indentify a product and the organisation has having a sustainable differential advantage.
    Cebit has demonstrated textbook failure with thier advertising booth and has left the question in everyones tounge.
    How important is advertising for an organisations sustainable growth?

  • Leigh Cowan
    Leigh Cowan
    03 Jun 2011

    Is it bad marketing or weak marketing management that is the problem?

  • Andrew
    03 Jun 2011

    Very funny! Maybe they will end up like that waiting for clients...