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STC Foundation Dinner 2010

STC Foundation Dinner 2010

gorgio-armani-151x300I would like to thank the wonderful team at Giorgio Armani for kindly inviting me to the STC Foundation Dinner 2010 at the Sydney Theatre Company on Friday night. 

Mary and her team at Armani are simply amazing. They have so much style and professionalism, that just by entering their store, you could learn a thing or two about how to ensure your brand is consistent across every touch point.

I regularly speak with Sally Pitt, who runs the Public Relations side of Armani in Australia and she is not only fantastic at her job – she is also a great brand ambassador.

No matter who you speak to at Armani, they take their roles and their brand very seriously and are proud to work for one of the world’s leading fashion labels.

They support good causes and produce clothing that is well made and very fashionable – think Posh and Becks, Tom Cruise and George Clooney.

This little number that I am wearing is in their Emporio Armani collection and I have to say I felt very glamourous wearing it.

How can your brand be more like Giorgio Armani or any big brand name for that matter. Find out who you would like to be more like and change your habits, your perception of your brand and how you communicate it.

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