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Get the opportunity to say goodbye

Get the opportunity to say goodbye

Today I am angry. I rarely experience this emotion, but I am really, really angry. We have lost yet another great person in the world, and it appears that every single day I hear the news of someone else passing, either at their own hands or through illness, let alone what happens through terrorism and war.

Why? Why do people we love and cherish have to go? Why can't they stay? Why do they need to go when you are so unprepared to say goodbye?

I can't pretend to understand. I don't. I won't. 

As I sit here writing, I know that this is not the end of it. There will be more, and it terrifies me. People who I love and care about may be here today, but gone tomorrow. They may get hit by a bus, and we use this analogy as if it means nothing at all - yet it could not be closer to the truth.

How often do we get the opportunity to say goodbye like we would like to? To say the things we really want to say? Not enough - that's the real answer. That's the truth.

I have loved and cared about so many people in my life, and I continue to cherish the moments and experiences I have with those who cross my path. Each one is special and they bring something to the table. They bring something to my life, that is irreplaceable. 

We often spend so much time being afraid of emotion. Being afraid to show how we really feel, or telling people what they really mean to us in fear of rejection or them laughing or not taking us seriously.

I don't want to pretend anymore. People who touch our lives are important. People that are in our lives for whatever reason - are important. They make us who we are and the experiences we have with them, good or bad, shape us as we go forward.

I want to say so much to so many people and let them know just how important they are to my life and the gift they have given me, mostly without even realizing it.

Being surrounded by people every day who are unique in their very own way is precious. The people who work for me each share a common goal, but what is even more important, is who they are and what they bring to the world. Many keep their personal lives to themselves, only wanting to give a small piece to the place they work, not realizing that if they were to go, they would be missed - not for the work that they did, but for who they are. The smile they give when someone makes a joke, or the reassurance to their team member that they are too doing a good job. Perhaps its just the fact that they walk into an office in a certain way and have their very own unique routine.

The people that occupy my personal life vary. Some are here in person, others are far away, but keep in touch as if they are around living life by my side.

Some friends make me laugh, other's have an uncanny way of making me cry - not because they want to, but we share a bond that is greater than what any words could ever express.

The role friends play in my life from all over the world is special. It's irreplaceable and each and every person deserves their own line, but there are too many to mention.

People who I have loved, no matter how it may have ended, still hold a piece in my heart that will never go away. They touched me in a way that no-one else possibly would ever be able to touch me.

And my family. Very diverse, but very unique and special. They each share a piece of me through blood and through the way I look and act. In those formative years, it was my family who shaped me and when I look in the mirror it is them who I see.

Today, I appreciate each and every person who touches my life or has ever touched my life for that matter. I will love you all in my own special way mostly without even saying it, until we part for reasons out of our control.

Life is short. We hear this all the time, but we all need to listen and absorb what that really means. We have been given the privilege to live this life and no amount of money (ask Steve Jobs) or power is more important than that feeling of loving someone passionately and completely and being with them by their side. That can be your lover, your friend, your family or just someone you met because you both walked into the same shop at the same time.

Don't put things that are not important in front of those things that are. You will regret it. That's a promise. Don't work when you could be watching your children play soccer, or being there when your friend really needs you.

Don't ignore the signs that someone is having a hard time, just because you are so absorbed in your own life and have forgotten to show compassion. And don't live life without being aware and present - because that is a waste.

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  • Jennifer Trinh
    Jennifer Trinh
    21 Feb 2016

    I'm sorry for your loss. It's sad to think that sometimes life is more cruel than it is fair, in that sometimes we rarely get a chance to say goodbye or get some sort of closure. I think that's why we should cherish and appreciate the people in our lives and the memories that we have with them.

  • Sandie Ward
    Sandie Ward
    05 Feb 2016

    So very sorry for your loss and broken heart. When this happens we are all too quickly reminded of how precious life is. We are all just passing through. Be kind to your fellow man, love, touch hearts and above all be present for "the moments". They become the fabric of our lives. Miss you and sending love. No matter the distance, always close at heart.

  • Paul  Conley
    Paul Conley
    22 Jan 2016

    Breathe Breathe Breathe

    Yes Life is Short

    Life is about Living Breathing each moment in as it was your last.

    I am Fit and Alive at 105 .Alive

    After having a serious work place injury
    Not able to breathe. I made it my Goal to pull through and lock in that I will achieve to be Fit and Alive at 105.
    Because it wasn't my time to die . I wanted to breathe .

    I suffered three years I lost through the worst of panic attacks Severe struggle

    After inhaling 98% sulphuric acid fumes
    My body started to shut down .

    Life is short so Mellissah visit friends and family while you can . .Enjoy the moments Live Love and Enjoy

    I am Fit and Alive at 105 Paul Conley Gold Coast Australia