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When life throws you curve balls, sometimes it's best to do nothing. I know that doesn't seem like the most obvious solution, but I have just learned that it can be true, at least for me.

For almost two months I have been unwell every day. It has gotten to a point, that whatever is happening in my body, put me permanently in bed for 5 days straight. No computer. No television. No phone. No people around. Just my dog who has definitely developed cabin fever and is dancing at her own shadow right now, because she needs entertainment.
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After being one of hundreds at a Jewish wedding yesterday, I couldn't help but think about life and the meaning of what I am doing now and in the future.

For 44 years, life has been remarkably smooth sailing. I have experienced a lot, none of which I would change, and I have accomplished more than I dreamed of doing. The experiences not only make you stronger, more resilient and grateful, they shape who you are and continue to become.
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Monday, 22 January 2018 08:21

Making your mark in life

Have you reached your 40's and realised you haven't made your mark yet? Don't stress, it's not too late. 
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Tuesday, 19 January 2016 16:06

Get the opportunity to say goodbye

Today I am angry. I rarely experience this emotion, but I am really, really angry. We have lost yet another great person in the world, and it appears that every single day I hear the news of someone else passing, either at their own hands or through illness, let alone what happens through terrorism and war.

Why? Why do people we love and cherish have to go? Why can't they stay? Why do they need to go when you are so unprepared to say goodbye?

I can't pretend to understand. I don't. I won't. 
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Tuesday, 08 January 2013 14:26

Friends with benefits

When you think of 'friends with benefits' you instantly become single, footloose and fancy free. You know... the type of person who is always on the go, loves a glass of wine or three, is on a fast-track at the office for promotion and at times can be known as the life of the party.

There are other types of 'friends with benefits' than the one that is happy for a 2am text message and a mad dash to your apartment for a rendezvous. 

There's the one that gives you great tickets to the best concerts because they work for the promoter, and the one with the ultimate holiday destination that fortunately has been passed down generation after generation. For the blokes out there, there are the one's that work for Belvedere Vodka or Peroni - or better still, the mate that picks up the second prettiest girl in the room every time because he has the gift of the gab, only to leave you alone with the prettiest to try your moves.
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Friday, 04 November 2011 08:11

Why Share On Facebook?

With more than 500 friends on facebook, I have always been reluctant to share anything to do with work with my friends.

As many of you know, I write a blog most days which is receives thousands of visitors around the globe, many loyal enough to read my blog within minutes of it being posted.
Sunday, 11 April 2010 15:04

Who is successful?

Sunday is the best day of the week. I lie in bed reading the Sunday papers, skimming through stories that range from general interest through to politics and business. I skip gossip, but spend time reading real estate and travel. I start the day with the herbal tea and usually head out for breakfast with friends in search of the perfect coffee.
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