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Who am I? Do you want to know who Mellissah Smith really is? : 1 Mentor

Who am I? Do you want to know who Mellissah Smith really is? : 1 Mentor

The most amazing thing happeneda few days ago. I went to a pool party in Atlanta and a guy came up to me very excited at the opportunity to finally meet me. He had never met me before, but had heard things about me. But his real reason for wanting to meet me is that he is a "fan" of my blogs, tweets and really anything I put on social media.

Not the creepy type of fan. The genuine person who appreciates honestly, vulnerability and someone who is fearless in sharing her real life.

So, I thought I might start a few blogs about who I really am.

The mentor

To use this word seems strange to me because I feel like I am not old enough or experienced enough to be anyone's mentor, but it just so happens that I am a mentor to a lot of people and that is something I have to take seriously.

This photo you see is of an amazing woman. Melissa shares the same name as me, and firstly met me through reading my posts on social media and blogs, then reached out to me. 

By chance at a bar one night, she was talking to an ex of mine who said he had another Australian friend who was at the bar, Mellissah Smith. She immediately dropped his conversation and walked straight up to me and introduced herself. She didn't need to. She knew who I was from social media and I knew who she was from social media. We were both instantly recognizable.

This young lady is everything you want in an entrepreneur and a friend. She is super passionate, ambitious, smart and a go-getter. She loves life and gives everything 100%. I adore her am very happy to be her friend and mentor.

She came to me for some business advice and I was blunt. I said that her and her business partner were not thinking about how they really could make money out of their idea. They were being a "dime a dozen". I gave them a whole heap of ideas that were very different to their own, yet some the same.

The partner at first didn't get it, but the next day he did. 3 months later, they are making money and will definitely be the most successful of their type in the country in the next 3 years.

So who am I?

I am a person who has lucked it out in business, and tried my hardest, failed heaps but always got back up even if it meant that I had broken a few limbs on the way. I only share knowledge that I have experience in but also am free with sharing good ideas that perhaps someone else may take to the next level because while I may think about it, I may never do it and then the idea is nothing. I prefer for someone to use it.

As a mentor I am always busy, but ring me in the middle of the night because you are stressed out or don't know what to do, I will put on my tracksuit pants and runners and be there in a flash.

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    Isaac Bergsjo
    29 Jan 2016

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