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3 Things that are changing my world

3 Things that are changing my world

Sitting at my desk that overlooks the Sydney city skyline and harbour, I often look out and cannot appreciate more just how fortunate I am.

I work with immensely talented people, who put their heart and soul into their jobs. I mentor people that are not only appreciative, but really good people. I am mentored by what I consider the best of the best, although I don't always think so when I am 'wrapped over the knuckles' usually because my focus is on the 'new shiny toy' and they don't want me taking my eye off the ball.

I get to use my 25 years experience in marketing, and 18 years experience in business to help those less fortunate than I through The World Incubator and other charities in which I support.

This blog allows me to express how I feel and my thoughts on pretty much any topic - and that's a privilege let me assure you. 

Business is going great and has done so for as long as I can remember. That confidence in your business gives you power to take more risks, try new things and explore what is possible.

This leads me to the satisfaction I get from being able to use my brain in other ways, like developing a software platform which I believe will change an industry, and a robot that will make marketing strategies smarter and give clients better results.

Then I have a magazine which doesn't always get the love it should have, but is certainly a great place to share other entrepreneurs stories. And last, but certainly not least, I have a great life that sometimes I don't realise enough. I have a dog that is quite possibly the best partner in crime one could ever have. If you feel up to it, follower her on Instagram on @thereal_pippasmith . I am never alone. I always have a friend. And my family is phenomenal.

Do I feel privileged? You bet I do. 

So, I say to everyone who wants to achieve any goal they have "roll up your sleeves, work hard and remember constant relentless improvement is always necessary".

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