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Why online marketing fails

Why online marketing fails

Being a statistic for failure isn’t much fun-let’s face it. I don’t like the idea, and I bet you aren’t too keen on it either. And when it come to small business, or any business or cause for that matter it is best to avoid it like the plague. This leads me to wonder why so many businesses out there do not invest in a solid online marketing strategy of an effective website.

Put simply- no business will survive without a good website. However, what is most surprising to me is not how bad some websites actually are but in fact how easily these website short comings or problems can be fixed.

Having had a browse around various small business websites recently it occurred to me the magic a good website can do for a small business.

It is clear that we are living in a world driven by communication, and everyone wants to be heard. With so much marketing noise and clutter, it can be almost near impossible to get your business, branding, or even worthy cause out there. Along with the power of an exceptional marketing plan and the magic of PR, most of the time what a small business needs most is a good, and by good I mean informative, functional, clear and professional website.

 I recall countless times before where I have gone on to find out more about a business only to find myself less interested in the business to begin with. Limited information, links that do not work, websites that do not even load properly are just some of the problems I have encountered which have deterred me from pursuing further on a product, service or cause. And with so many other businesses willing to invest in a good website to promote their business, there is no difficulty in simply going on to the vast array of other options, rather than wasting my time on a business that does not bother to invest in a good, solid website.

 Most of the time my decision purely comes down to the concept of trust. The way I see it is if a business does not bother to invest in its own interests than how can I trust that the business will endeavor to meet my interests?

 They say we “eat with our eyes” the same goes for a business’ website, if a business does not put focus on the appearance and professionalism of the business’ website how does it stand out against the seemingly endless options? This is where the difference between an exceptional, professional website and a poor website can mean a world of difference in the business ultimately succeeding or failing.

 Below are my Top 10 common website mistakes:

  1. Don’t SEO, Digg, Hubpage, E-zine your website
  2. Don’t take your website seriously
  3. Not answering queries, quotes or inquiries
  4. Not having a CRM system in place
  5. Using someone else’s domain name
  6. Website not user friendly
  7. Website not-up-to-date
  8. Not following people who follow you
  9. Not having a newsletter or e-zine
  10. No content on website.

 Written by: Julie Vu

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  • affiliate marketing
    affiliate marketing
    13 Oct 2014

    Do you have any video of that? I'd care to find out more details.

  • internet Hosting plans
    internet Hosting plans
    10 Oct 2013

    Wow! This blog looks just like my old one! It's on a totally different topic but
    it has pretty much the same page layout and
    design. Outstanding choice of colors!